Mika Miko Sex Jazz

Mika Miko Sex Jazz

Release Date October 1, 2008

Catalog No SP787

Out of the most beloved bands to come out of the Los Angeles DIY punk scene buoyed by The Smell, Mika Miko represented the arty abstraction which guided most of their peers, but did so as the rowdiest punks in the bunch. Case in point: The extended version of “Sex Jazz,” which bleats and barks its way through the A-side of the quintet’s Sub Pop Singles Club entry, the shronking guitar riff melding perfectly with the bluster and fracas of saxophone. On the b-side is a (somewhat) faithful cover of Black Flag’s “Bastard in Love,” further solidifying Mika Miko’s penchant for gleeful cacophony.

-Martin Douglas, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Sex Jazz (Extended)
  2. Bastard in Love