Migala The North of Fire

Migala The North of Fire

Release Date October 17, 2000

Catalog No SP524

Hailing from Madrid Spain, these experimental post-rockers created cinematic soundscapes using moody and suave mannerisms. They spanned about ten years as a band (from 1996-2005) releasing a handful of quality studio albums that reinterpreted the sonic terrain of folk, rock, and Spanish traditional-tinged compositions. This release was another offering as part of Sub Pop’s Singles Club. Limited to 1300 copies on red vinyl, we get the campfire-crackley and mysteriously pretty “The North of Fire” on side A, but even more mysterious is trying to find a place to hear “Sad Corner Song” of side B anywhere on the internets. Gotta love a good obscure goose chase.

-Zach Frimmel, courtesy of KEXP


  1. The North of Fire
  2. Sad Corner Song