Mecca Normal / Kreviss You Heard It All

Mecca Normal / Kreviss You Heard It All

Out of print

Release Date April 1, 1992

Catalog No SP149

The 42nd Singles Club entry comes with a split single from Vancouver B.C.’s Mecca Normal and Kreviss. The first Canadian acts in the Sub Pop catalog make a lasting impression with three rugged songs traversing the territory between noisy punk rock and pop accessibility. Kreviss’ tracks would later appear on their fifth LP, Jarred Up, on K Records and were produced by Calvin Johnson himself. Mecca Normal remains active to this day, while Kreviss disappeared after releasing their self-titled full-length exclusively on 8-track in 1994.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP


  1. You Heard It All
  2. Broken Flowers
  3. Kreviss
  4. Going To Hell
  5. Going To Hell