Mark Lanegan I’ll Take Care of You

Mark Lanegan I’ll Take Care of You

Release Date September 21, 1999

Catalog No SP445

Formats LP, Digital, and CD

For I’ll Take Care of You, his fourth solo album, Lanegan chose to cover songs by artists who have influenced and inspired him over the years, including Jeffrey Lee Pierce of the Gun Club, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Buck Owens, Leaving Trains, O.V. Wright, Fred Neil, Tim Hardin, Tim Rose, and more.


  1. Carry Home
  2. I'll Take Care of You
  3. Shiloh Town
  4. Creeping Coastline of Lights
  5. Badi-da
  6. Consider MeConsider Me
  7. On Jesus' Program
  8. Little Sadie
  9. Together Again
  10. Shanty Man's Life
  11. Boogie Boogie