La Sera Sees the Light

La Sera Sees the Light

Release Date March 26, 2012

Catalog No 73051

Formats Digital, LP, and CD

The second LP from La Sera is ten new tracks of peppy break-up pop brimming with defiance and bitter sweetness, recorded with Rob Barbato (The Fall, Darker My Love) in California. Where the first La Sera album was super-dreamy in its layered vocals, Sees The Light is more direct, more aggressive; almost a soundtrack to a lost drive-in movie classic. This is not an album for half-hearted partakers in the heartache scene: just an all-consuming love for punk as pop and pop as punk. All LPs include a download code.


  1. Love That's Gone
  2. Please Be My Third Eye
  3. I Can't Keep You in My Mind
  4. Break My Heart
  5. It's Over Now
  6. I'm Alone
  7. Break My Heart
  8. Drive On
  9. How Far We've Come Now
  10. Don't Stay