La Luz It’s Alive

La Luz It’s Alive

Release Date October 14, 2013

Catalog No 73076

Formats Cassette, LP, CD, and Digital

In Spanish, La Luz means “light” and that’s the perfect thing to evoke when your songs give the illusion of veering in the opposite direction. But lift out most any lyric—which is a good excuse to give a closer listen to the delicate, four-part harmonies that are fast becoming the band’s signature—and you’ll find that the aches and pains of love and loss, of living in a world where no foothold is ever a promise—all this is delivered with a nuanced dose of perfectly timed exhilaration, like the whole thing might just be worth it in the end. It’s Alive is the debut LP from Seattle’s La Luz.


  1. Sure As Spring
  2. All the Time
  3. Morning High
  4. What Good Am I?
  5. Sunstroke
  6. It's Alive
  7. Big Big Blood
  8. Call Me in the Day
  9. Pink Slime
  10. Phantom Feelings
  11. You Can Never Know