King Tuff Smalltown Stardust (deluxe dust)

King Tuff Smalltown Stardust (deluxe dust)

Release Date August 18, 2023

Catalog No SP1617

This expanded digital-only version of his acclaimed early 2023 album Smalltown Stardust includes the original 11-track album, one previously unreleased song, and four wonderfully different studio versions of songs from the album. 

King Tuff mastermind Kyle Thomas has this to say about the release: “For the deluxe version of Smalltown Stardust, I’ve done some digging and found a few alternate versions of songs from the record. I often try songs in different ways before I land on the final versions, and these tracks are a good representation of that! Some of these songs were kicking around for years before they finally fell into place. I wrote ‘The Wheel’ all the way back in 2005! Sometimes they just need to stew I suppose. These versions are mid-stew but I think they still taste pretty good!”


  1. Love Letters To Plants
  2. How I Love
  3. A Meditation
  4. Portrait Of God
  5. Smalltown Stardust
  6. Pebbles In A Stream
  7. Tell Me
  8. Rock River
  9. The Bandits Of Blue Sky
  10. Always Find Me
  11. The Wheel
  12. Portrait Of God (2016 version)
  13. The Wheel (studded snow version)
  14. Symphony Of A Man
  15. Always Find Me (oak grove ave version)
  16. Brattleboro Stardust