Kelley Stoltz The Sun Comes Through EP

Kelley Stoltz The Sun Comes Through EP

Release Date October 11, 2005

Catalog No SP694

Kelley Stoltz is originally from Detroit, but he lives in San Francisco now. He’s put out a couple of records: 1999’s The Past Was Faster (The Telegraph Company), 2003’s Antique Glow (Jackpine Social Club), and, most recently, his own version of Echo and the Bunnymen’s Crocodiles entitled Crock-O-Dials. We at Sub Pop are putting out his brand new album in early 2006 and so excited are we about Kelley (and so prolific is he…) that we couldn’t wait ‘til then. So, here’s a song from the forthcoming album (“The Sun Comes Through”) and four more exclusive, unreleased songs. Everybody: meet Kelley.


  1. The Sun Comes Through
  2. You're Out Of This World
  3. Away With The Swans
  4. Let's Go Out Tonight
  5. Where You're Going