Sub Pop


K-Holes Dismania


Release Date April 30, 2012

Catalog No SBL-73059

Formats LP and CD

NY’s K-Holes have returned with Dismania, the group’s second full-length and first for Hardly Art. Dismania comes packed with the same kind of sinister, feverish punk skronk the New York quintet (featuring former members of Golden Triangle and the Black Lips) is known for. It’s a dark, brutal, menacing trip; the sound of escape with the sheen of redemption, fueled by the low, thundering beat of tribal divination. All LPs include a download code.


  1. Child
  2. Rats
  3. Frozen Stiff
  4. Acid
  5. Window in the Wall
  6. Nightshifter
  7. Mosquito
  8. Dirty Hax
  9. Numb
  10. Nothing New