Iron and Wine The Sea And The Rhythm

Iron and Wine The Sea And The Rhythm

Release Date September 9, 2003

Catalog No SP619

Formats 12 inch, CD, and Digital

5 songs recorded in Sam Beam’s bedroom from the same sessions that gave us 2002’s The Creek Drank the Cradle. The Sea and the Rhythm includes “Jesus the Mexican Boy,” which has been a big audience favorite at recent Iron and Wine shows. Sam and his co-conspirators will be recording the new Iron and Wine full-length this summer at Chicago’s Engine Studios with Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Holopaw, Red Red Meat), scheduled for release in early 2004.


  1. Beneath The Balcony
  2. The Sea And The Rhythm
  3. The Night Descending
  4. Jesus The Mexican Boy
  5. Someday The Waves