Hausu Total

Hausu Total

Release Date June 24, 2013

Catalog No 73070

Formats Cassette, Digital, LP, and CD

The beauty of rock-music lies in the expanse of terrain that it encompasses as a definition. Total aims to acknowledge that freedom; it is at times melodious and at others dissonant, all in all, a finished product, a totality. With this in mind: Total is the debut LP from Portland’s Hausu, and the band’s first for Hardly Art.


  1. Chrysanthemum
  2. Leaning Mass
  3. 1991 - 2091
  4. Gardenia
  5. Recovery
  6. Tetsuo
  7. John Codeine
  8. Vasari Joust
  9. Kool Off
  10. Bleak