Sub Pop


Grave Babies Crusher


Release Date February 25, 2013

Catalog No SBL-73067

Formats LP and CD

Grave Babies are a band whose sound might suggest the need for drugs that stabilize mood, while also creating a desire for ones that enhance them. The center of Grave Babies’ sound is the sonic equivalent of thwarted desire – and on Crusher, their first LP for Hardly Art, Grave Babies take the harder approach: doing what they’ve always done, but doing it better. All LPs include a download code.


  1. I
  2. Over and Under Ground
  3. Skulls
  4. Slaughter
  5. Count Cuts
  6. Breeding
  7. Pain Cycle
  8. II
  9. III
  10. No Fear
  11. Blood on the Face
  12. Death March
  13. Haunted
  14. Hate Repeats
  15. IV
  16. Prostitution