Gories Give Me Some Money

Gories Give Me Some Money

Out of print

Release Date October 1, 1991

Catalog No SP134

For the A-side of their contribution to the Sub Pop Singles Club, the Detroit garage-rock heroes recorded a standout tune you may be familiar with if you’ve given This is Spinal Tap a whirl (while hopefully not getting lost backstage). The Gories’ cover of “Give Me Some Money” fits their style like a pair of sneakers worn in on the beer-soaked floor of a punk basement: A gloriously thudding, bluesy rock tune, borrowing liberally from the earliest days of the genre and caked in dirt and a sense of humor (“Your face is okay, but your purse is too tight”) for good measure. Few songs have ever made the harmonica as punk rock as the single’s B-side, “You Don’t Love Me.”

-Martin Douglas, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Give Me Some Money
  2. You Don’t Love Me