Goat Dreambuilding

Goat Dreambuilding

Release Date June 4, 2013

Catalog No SP1056

Formats Digital and 7 inch

Goat are a collective who hail from a small and very remote village in deepest darkest Sweden.

Legend has it that, for centuries, the inhabitants of the village were dedicated to the worship and practices of Voodoo. This strange and seemingly-unlikely activity was apparently introduced into the area after a traveling witch doctor and a handful of her disciples were led to the village by following an unknown Sami traveler from this area of Sweden.

The reason he led them there is unknown, but their Voodoo influence quickly took hold over the whole village, and so they made it their home. There they were able to practice their craft unnoticed and unbothered for several centuries.

This was until their non-Christian ways were discovered by the Church and they were burned out by the crusaders. But the survivors returned to the village, rebuilt it, and to this day the now-picturesque village is still influenced by the power of Voodoo; this power can be felt throughout the grooves of the Goat records.

Sub Pop is proud to spread the mystical power of Goat all over North America with the double-A-sided “Dreambuilding”/“Stonegoat” 7”. This is Goat’s first North American release, and it comes hot on the heels of 2012’s critically-acclaimed, import-only psychedelic opus, World Music.


  1. DreambuildingDreambuilding
  2. StoneGoat