Get Up Kids 10 Minutes

Get Up Kids 10 Minutes

Out of print

Release Date February 23, 1999

Catalog No SP451

Sunny Day Real Estate can lay claim to building the foundation of the first wave of emo, but you can’t talk about the second wave of the genre without getting into the Get Up Kids. On their 7-inch for the second volume of the Singles Club, the Kansas City, Missouri act gives a veritable blueprint for the emo bands that would emerge in the next decade. “10 Minutes” has the chugging chords and arpeggiated guitar lines that would become a staple for the genre as it would hit mainstream audiences. B-side “Anne Arbour” gives a glimpse at emo’s softer side, slowing down the tempo while vocalist Matt Pryor wails for a lost love. When the band initially broke up in 2005, “10 Minutes” was the last song they played at what was to be their final show. Three years the group would reunite and continue to release music and tour to this today.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP