Full Toilet Full Toilet 7” LP

Full Toilet Full Toilet 7” LP

Release Date November 22, 2011

Catalog No SP987

Angry young man. Short attention span. Volatile and erratic. Bad personal relations. Turbulence and anger. Channeling ultimate unhappiness. Bursts of rage. Full Toilet 13-song 7". Timeless torment spews forth.


  1. Loaded Gun, Loaded Youth
  2. Who Cares About You
  3. Oh Maaan
  4. Pist Office
  5. The Phone Message
  6. The Short Answer
  7. You're a Cop
  8. What I Don't Want
  9. WYPL / Shut Up
  10. Hotel Five-Star
  11. Keys, Wallet, Phone, Gun
  12. Ten Dead
  13. He's Dead