Flock of Dimes Through Me

Flock of Dimes Through Me

Release Date October 8, 2021

Catalog No SP1481

Adult Swim Singles has shared a new song by Flock of Dimes as the twenty-fifth entry in the 2021 program. “Through Me” arrives in the wake of Head of Roses, singer-songwriter Jenn Wasner’s sophomore LP as Flock of Dimes. The album, widely acclaimed for its visceral songwriting, is a record about heartbreak from a dualistic perspective, following a winding thread of intuition through the unknown and into healing. The new single is an apt and poignant re-engagement with these themes. ​​”Through Me is about losing sight of yourself in an attempt to find someone else,” states Wasner, “twisting your perception of reality until you’re not sure how to find your way back to what is real.”


  1. Through MeThrough Me