Fields Of Gaffney Cold Weather

Fields Of Gaffney Cold Weather

Release Date January 18, 2000

Catalog No SP489

Throughout the Sub Pop Count-Up, we’ve seen plenty of side projects from their star signings, and here’s another. Sebadoh co-founder Eric Gaffney left the band after their fourth LP Bubble & Scrape (#SP192), which was also their first album recorded in an actual studio. Gaffney grabbed his four-track and went home, promptly returning to his lo-fi roots, recording music first under his own name, and then after recruiting a few friends, as Fields of Gaffney. Released as part of the Sub Pop Singles Club, #22 of Volume 2, limited edition 1300 copies on marbled blue vinyl. It’s also worth noting that Gaffney still has an Angelfire website, with a counter on the homepage and everything. (Sadly, no guestbook though.)

-Janice Headley, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Cold Weather
  2. Twilight