Sub Pop


Fergus & Geronimo Funky Was the State of Affairs


Release Date August 6, 2012

Catalog No SBL-73057

Formats CD and LP

Fergus & Geronimo return with Funky Was the State of Affairs, a sixteen-track weirdo-opus about aliens, mind-control, conspiracy theories, and intergalactic courtship. Also: numbers, symbols, parties, Heather Strange, and LSD. Get with it, clone drone! All LPs include a download code and come housed in a fancy old-school tip-on jacket.


  1. Planet Earth is Pregnant for the 5th Time
  2. No Parties
  3. The Strange One Speaketh
  4. Roman Tick
  5. "My Phone's Been Tapped, Baby"
  6. Roman Nvmerals / Wiretapping Muzak I
  7. Spies
  8. Earthling Men
  9. The Uncanny Valley
  10. Earthling Women
  11. Drones
  12. Wiretapping Muzak II
  13. Off the Map
  14. "The Roman Stuff is Where it's At"
  15. Markey Move
  16. Funky Was the State of Affairs