Enon The Nightmare of Atomic Men

Enon The Nightmare of Atomic Men

Out of print

Release Date June 17, 2001

Catalog No SP539

There might not have been an indie rock band this side of Grandaddy adapting to the 21st century better than New York’s Enon. Founder John Schmersal had previously been in the eclectic, groundbreaking group Brainiac before the group abruptly ended after their lead vocalist Tim Taylor was killed in a car accident. Schmersal began recording solo material before bringing in former Skeleton Key members Rick Lee and Steve Calhoon into the fold and dubbed themselves Enon. The group would really hit their stride with the addition of Toko Yasuda on bass and Matt Schultz replacing Calhoon on drums. Though rooted in indie rock, their sound readily embraced experimental electronic music and bubbled up into the sugar rush taht you hear on their Sub Pop Singles Club 7-inch. The band carried on through 2011, before calling it quits after a tour with Caribou. Afterwards Schmersal would join Caribou as a touring member and Yasuda would go on to perform with St. Vincent on the Digital Witness tour.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP