Didjits Dear Junkie

Didjits Dear Junkie

Out of print

Release Date November 1, 1993

Catalog No SP241

Chicago punks Didjits share two live tracks for the 61st entry in the first volume of the Sub Pop Singles Club. And live is really the best way to experience the band. Lead vocalist Rick Sims was known for his antagonistic approach to showmanship. Between songs he would bait and insult the crowd, and oftentimes the crowd would retaliate. This single was one of the band’s last releases before they’d bow out with their “Pigs! We Have Your Son” single in 1995. The band would later reunite for a performance at Touch and Go Records’ 25th anniversary in 2006.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Dear Junkie
  2. Skull Baby
  3. Fire In The Hole