Destroyer The Music Lovers

Destroyer The Music Lovers

Out of print

Release Date August 21, 2001

Catalog No SP572

While I’m delighted to see Destroyer make it on to the Sub Pop discography — thanks to the Sub Pop Singles Club Vol 2 #41 — I gotta say, I’m a little dismayed to see the glorious mane of its founder Dan Bejar trapped beneath a trucker cap on the front cover. (Don’t worry; his hair gets top billing in the video for “Myriad Harbour”, a track he wrote for his other project The New Pornographers.) Speaking of TNP, the Side B track on this single was re-released on the supergroup’s 2007 album Challengers, while the A Side was completely re-worked for Destroyer’s MIDI-orchestrated 2004 album Your Blues.

-Janice Headley, courtesy of KEXP