Das Damen Sad Mile

Das Damen Sad Mile

Out of print

Release Date July 1, 1989

Catalog No SP39

New York’s Das Damen derived their “fake German” name from a poor translation of “The Women.” Though they featured heavy guitars and punk aesthetics, they were one of the poppiest acts from the label’s early days this side of Nirvana. Prior to releasing the anthemic “Sad Smile / Making Time” 7-inch for the Sub Pop Singles Club, the band was known to get into some hijinks. On their 1988 Marshmellow Conspiracy EP, they included a track called “Song for Michael Jackson to $ell,” which was actually an uncredited cover of The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour.” After this was discovered, future editions of the album removed the track.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP