Damien Jurado Ghost of David

Damien Jurado Ghost of David

Release Date August 5, 2016

Catalog No SP507

Ghost of David, the third album by Damien Jurado, is now available for pre-order on vinyl and cassette for the first time. Originally released September 19th, 2000. Damien Jurado is an urban-folk singer with his hand in the baskets of all the right fringe genres. He’s a storyteller, and the stories have matured steadily since he first appeared on the scene with the perfect balance of lighthearted pop and saddest of the sad on his early singles and first full-length, Waters Ave S. Since then, (with his second full-length, Rehearsals for Departure, the Gather in Song EP (both from 1999), and this year’s collection of found recordings, Postcards and Audio Letters) he’s moved more toward the dark, and if you ask him, he’ll tell you point blank that it’s in the dark where you’ll find us all. 

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  1. Medication
  2. Desert
  3. Johnny Go Riding
  4. Great Today
  5. Tonight I Will Retire
  6. Ghost Of David
  7. Parking Lot
  8. Rearview
  9. Paxil
  10. Walk With Me
  11. December
  12. Rosewood Casket
  13. Ghost In The Snow