Crooked Fingers Atchafalaya Death Waltz

Crooked Fingers Atchafalaya Death Waltz

Out of print

Release Date September 21, 1999

Catalog No SP472

Following the 1998 break up of the the band Archers of Loaf, frontman Eric Bachmann started up his solo project Crooked Fingers, introduced to the world by this Sub Pop Singles Club release V2 #18. 1300 copies pressed on marbled or solid green vinyl. The B-Side “Juliette” reappeared on his 2000 self-titled debut LP, released on WARM Records, but the A-Side didn’t reemerge until Merge Records reissued the album in 2016, including 8 other bonus tracks like 4-track cassette demos and a self-released 7”.

-Janice Headley, courtesy of KEXP