Creeper Lagoon The Fountain

Creeper Lagoon The Fountain

Out of print

Release Date October 20, 1998

Catalog No SP443

A reader’s poll in SPIN Magazine dubbed San Francisco’s Creeper Lagoon the best new artist of 1998 – which is a little funny considering the band was making music as early as 1991, but I digress. The group’s accessible blend of the burgeoning “alternative rock” tag and radio ready hooks made them a strong contender for mainstream infiltration from the indie realm. Riding a wave of buzz, Sub Pop nabbed the band for a 7-inch in their Singles Club series. A-side “The Fountain” shines with a romantic glow, reminiscing about love and the summertime, while b-side “Dear Deadly (Dogday Version)” showcases the band’s more raucous side with blown out guitars and swoons and swells of flanger effects.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP