Come Car

Come Car

Out of print

Release Date August 1, 1991

Catalog No SP115

Not only was this the first and only Sub Pop appearance from the brooding Boston-based band, it was also their very first release ever. Formed in 1990, the band spent a year jamming before they contributed the tracks “Car” and “Last Mistake” to the August 1991 installment of the Singles Club. Fronted by the formidable Thalia Zedek and featuring the trademark ominous guitar tones of future-Seattleite Chris Brokaw, the band made a big impression with just these two dark, sludgy tracks, resulting in a deal with Matador Records who released their debut, 11:11, in 1992. Limited to 4,500 copies on white vinyl.

-Janice Headley, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Car
  2. Last Mistake