Chad VanGaalen Skelliconnection

Chad VanGaalen Skelliconnection

Release Date August 22, 2006

Catalog No SP719

Chad VanGaalen is very prolific. Skelliconnection was culled from hundreds of songs Chad has recorded over the last year or so, while holed up in his bare bones basement home studio. Using handmade instruments alongside those available to mere mortals, he’s created an even more diverse assemblage of music than for his last album and debut, Infiniheart. Chad resides in Calgary, Alberta, which is in Canada. He’s an amazingly talented illustrator and animator. There’s a chance you might have seen the videos he made for his own “Clinically Dead” and Love as Laughter’s “Dirty Lives.” They were featured on MTV2’s Subterranean video show, which Chad also hosted. He’s played with Built to Spill, Wolf Parade, The Pixies, and Stars, to name a few. Mostly, Chad likes to stay home and make songs and drawings. Chad’s new record, on the other hand, resides somewhere a little more difficult to pin down. It’s a restless, living thing, roaming between simple yet beautiful ballads, aggressively dissonant post-punk, and jazz-inflected synth-pop explorations, at times whimsical, and at others heartrending.

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  1. Flower Gardens
  2. Burn 2 Ash
  3. Red Hot Drops
  4. Rolling Thunder
  5. Viking Rainbow
  6. Gubbbish
  7. Dandrufff
  8. Wing Finger
  9. See-Thru-Skin
  10. Wind Driving Dogs
  11. Mini T.V.'s
  12. Graveyard
  13. Dead Ends
  14. Sing Me to Sleep
  15. Systemic Heart