Chad VanGaalen Diaper Island

Chad VanGaalen Diaper Island

Release Date May 17, 2011

Catalog No SP871

Every so often, Chad VanGaalen emerges from his bunker in Calgary with a batch of songs, giving us a window into the private world of this reclusive and enigmatic songwriter. With Diaper Island, VanGaalen distills his approach, producing his most sonically cohesive album to date, and the closest thing he has done to a rock album.

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  1. Do Not Fear
  2. Peace on the RisePeace on the Rise
  3. Burning Photographs
  4. Heavy Stones
  5. SaraSara
  6. Replace Me
  7. Blonde Hash
  8. Freedom for a Policeman
  9. Can You Believe It!?
  10. Wandering Spirits
  11. No Panic/No Heat
  12. Shave My Pussy