Carissa’s Wierd You Should Be Hated Here

Carissa’s Wierd You Should Be Hated Here

Out of print

Release Date December 1, 2001

Catalog No SP582

Yes, it’s not a typo, Carissa Wierd spelt “weird”… well, weirdly. Country-tinged and wistful, Carissa’s Wierd stepped into the Seattle indie rock scene in the mid-90s and would stay there through the early 2000s. After the band broke up in 2005, Mat Brooke, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, went on to form Band of Horses alongside Ben Bridwell. Carissa’s Weird recorded primarily with Brown Records and Sad Robot Records — this Singles Club 7” release would be the only time Sub Pop and Carissa Weird would pair up. The group takes on Morrissey in a sparse, gentle cover “Suedehead” on the B-side of this release.

-Sinclair Willman, courtesy of KEXP


  1. You Should be Hated Here
  2. Suedehead