Sub Pop


Carissa’s Wierd You Should Be at Home Here


Release Date October 11, 2010

Catalog No SBL-73021

Formats 2xLP

Long OOP, now back in print, this is the second release from seminal northwest band Carissa’s Wierd.


  1. Brooke Daniels' Tiny Broken Fingers
  2. The Color That Your Eyes Changed With the Color of Your Hair
  3. Halfway Spoken Heart that Feels Comfort in Everything Until it Disappears and then It's Gone
  4. A Loose Hair Falls into a Glass of Water Without Ice
  5. Fear Not My Friend for Tonight We Ride
  6. Blessed Arms That Hold You Tight, Freezing Cold and Alone
  7. All Apologies and Smiles, Yours Truely, Ugly Valentine
  8. The Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird Flying Around the Room
  9. The Part About the Vine That's Growing Through the Window and Reaching Towards My Bed
  10. You Should Be at Home Here