Sub Pop


Bloodloss Lost My Head For Drink


Release Date March 11, 2011

Catalog No 4004494

Formats LP

Bloodloss – Lost My Head for Drink LP. Long lost, final recordings by legendary Seattle via Sydney Austrailia band, Bloodloss. After prior records with Greasy Pop, Abherrant, Sympathy for the Records Industry, and In the Red, Bloodloss recorded this record in 1996 and it sat unmixed until summer of 2010. Comprised of Lubricated Goat, Monkeywrench, and Mudhoney members, Bloodloss played scuzzed out, Beefheart/spastic jazz-influenced punk rock with one leg in the garage and their arse in the swamp. 1,000 pressed with digital download coupon.


  1. A Bottle & A Grin
  2. Another One of You
  3. The Mystery Spot
  4. Chocolate Cake Factory Blues
  5. Bones of My Ass
  6. Declination
  7. Hot Air Drives
  8. Lost My Head For Drink
  9. Awoken Groovy Village
  10. Barber of Civility
  11. Fruit on My Hat
  12. My Friend the Moon