Black Lips Disconnection

Black Lips Disconnection

Release Date April 1, 2009

Catalog No SP822

The merry pranksters of the Atlanta garage-rock scene, Black Lips have been just as well-known for their onstage antics – some which go far beyond the edge of full-frontal nudity – as their music; in some circles, probably more so. Thankfully, “Disconnection,” their contribution to Sub Pop Singles Club, was released in that fruitful period where the quality of their music could hold up against regularly vomiiting during their sets. The song is very much in the vein of the funky soul/garage of their old friend King Khan, with piano twinkles and drunken slurring heavily peppered all over. The b-side, “99 Victs,” is an enormously catchy garage-punk tune plucked right out of the playbook of their best work.

-Martin Douglas, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Disconnection
  2. 99 Victs