Bewitched Hey White Homey

Bewitched Hey White Homey

Out of print

Release Date February 1, 1993

Catalog No SP199

Drummer Bob Bert spent the ’80s off-and-on drumming for Sonic Youth, performing on several of their albums and quitting the band after completing work on the group’s seminal Bad Moon Rising. He’d contine to drum for groups like Pussy Galore, Chrome Cranks, and Knoxville Girls but also found time to start his own project – Bewitched. The noise outfit released two LPs and a number of singles in their tenure before dissolving in 1993. On their Sub Pop single “Hey White Homey,” Bert takes aim at white men appropriating hip-hop culture with a blodding bassline, jittery drums, and stoic vocals.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Hey White Homey
  2. Troll Doll