Arthur & Yu In Camera

Arthur & Yu In Camera

Release Date June 19, 2007

Catalog No 73001

Leaving childhood memories behind can be a troublesome thing, whether it’s a cherished object, a dream, or just playing around with friends. Given that their name is derived from childhood nicknames, it would be fair to say that Arthur & Yu know a thing or two about the process. Comprised of Seattle residents Grant Olsen and Sonya Westcott, Arthur & Yu have made an album that grapples with the idea of growing up and of letting go, creating a small space in which to drift away. With soft, layered vocals that float over textural acoustics, In Camera is an audible effigy of a time past, and an album made for forgetting and remembering.


  1. Absurd Heroes Manifestos
  2. Come to View (Song for Neil Young)
  3. There are too Many Birds
  4. Afterglow
  5. Flashing the Lobby Lights
  6. Lion's Mouth
  7. 1000 Words
  8. The Ghost of Old Bull Lee
  9. Half Years
  10. Black Bear