Amazing Crowns Chop Shop

Amazing Crowns Chop Shop

Out of print

Release Date December 7, 1999

Catalog No SP488

Formerly the Amazing Royal Crowns, the east coast rockabilly band changed their name after a west coast swing band called the Royal Crown Revue hit ‘em with a lawsuit. (At least they got to stay “amazing.”) A Sub Pop Singles Club release (V2 #21), limited to 1300 copies on clear light blue vinyl. In an interview with Ink 19, frontman Jason “King” Kendall explains how it all came to be: “That was a pretty cool thing, actually. A friend of mine, Meg, works for Sub Pop. She used to live in Providence, and she’s been working for them for like 7-8 years. We’ve always stayed in touch, and I guess through that, just talking about it. Every time we came through town in the past five years, through Seattle, she would always come out to the shows, very supportive, very cool, bring us up to the Sub Pop headquarters. I got to see where the Dwarves carved into the floor, “fuck you,” and all this other shit [laughs] – the stories of the Sub Pop thing. So it just comes from staying in touch. Actually, we were kinda talking to them about them putting the album out for a while, but the Time Bomb thing came along, and, you know, Sub Pop’s got a lot of bands, and they’re a great, great label, so they said “Well, how about we do this single?” and we said “Oh, we’d love to.” There ya go.”

-Janice Headley, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Chop Shop
  2. Amateur Night