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WED, MAR 6, 2013 at 1:44 AM

Thermals Reissues + Brand New 7” From Survival Knife This Week


After being too-long out of print on LP, we reissued The Thermals first three LPs, More Parts Per Million, Fuckin’ A, and The Body, The Blood, The Machine, this week on glorious colored vinyl. We’ve also released unto the world Survival Knife’s debut 7". They’re from Olympia, Washington’s and feature two members of Northwest legends Unwound. If that pedigree and this seven inch are any indication (and it stands to reason that they are), this band’s going to continue to make remarkable music.

Pick up The Thermals reissues

Pick up Survival Knife’s debut seven-inch single

THU, AUG 20, 2009 at 3:13 AM

How Many Sub Poppers Does it Take to Screw In a Light Bulb?


In this case 3! From August 6-9, Sub Pop’s President (Jonathan Poneman), Art Director (Jeff Kleinsmith) and Resident Meathead (Andy Kotowicz) took to the streets of Myslowice, Poland, a town of 75,000 in the southwestern , industrial region of Silesia. Their purpose: apart from downing dozens upon dozens of pierogies and swallerin’ copious vodka shots, was to attend the Off Festival and install a Sub Pop art exhibit at a gallery at the Miejeskie Centrum Kultury (Town Culture Center). The festival lineup was pretty amazing. In addition to Sub Pop’s own Handsome Furs and Tiny Vipers, alums The Thermals also graced the stages, along with Wire, Fucked Up, Health, Wooden Shjips, The Field, Crystal Antlers AND Stilts, Pains of Being Pure at Heart and headliners Spiritualized and The National. Lots of Polish bands played as well: Pustki, Cool Kids of Death, Lech Janerka and Maria Peszek, to name a few. Great big thank yous to festival organizer, Artur Rojek, Lenka Panak, Ola, Ricky, Ania, Pawel and everyone else we met or who helped out. We owe you in a way we may never have the opportunity to fully acknowledge, but I certainly hope that one day, we do.

Photos of our exploits are here.

Choice video bits are here and here.

TUE, DEC 4, 2007 at 4:05 AM

Pandering to the Locals December ‘07


I kinda hate year the end round-ups and trite “best of” lists that will make up the rest of the journalistic year, but I think it’s a practice steeped in deep tradition and I guess it’s somewhat helpful, so here’s a little bit about what went down at Sub Pop in the past months. 2007 brought us follow up records from old faves The Shins, Low, Jennifer Gentle, Iron and Wine, Band of Horses, Kinski, and Mudhoney as well as a whole bunch of new or new-to-us bands such as Loney Dear, Dntel, Patton Oswalt, Handsome Furs, Pissed Jeans, Tiny Vipers, flight of the conchords, and The Go! Team. We put out some seven inch singles, too, from bands like Wooden Shjips, Kelley Stoltz, and The Thermals. Our little buds at Hardly Art have successfully made it through their first year with releases from Arthur & Yu and Le Loup and we couldn’t be prouder. More proud. Whatever.
You know what, though? Next year is going to be totally insane as it will be Sub Pop’s Twentieth Anniversary(!) and we’re going to go totally nuts celebrating. Keep your eyes peeled for special releases, collector junk, and worldwide partying in the streets.

TUE, NOV 27, 2007 at 8:01 AM

Democracy in Action, MTV style!


We have a trillion videos up for Subterranean’s Best of 2007 on MTV2 and you would be a bad citizen if you did not go HERE and cast a vote or two for The Shins, Band of Horses, CSS, DNTEL, Handsome Furs, The Thermals, and The Go! Team. Get to it! Please and thank you.

THU, JUN 21, 2007 at 10:57 AM

The Thermals have a new single out! Plus more!


There are suddenly a great many things to tell you about The Thermals! And they are these:

  • As mentioned in this month’s Pandering to the Locals (which, you maybe didn’t read, and who can really blame you what with that awful picture…), we have a brand new Thermals single for the song “A Pillar of Salt”! On this single, you will also find demo versions of “A Pillar of Salt” and “St. Rosa and the Swallows,” (final versions of which are on the most recent Thermals elpee The Body, The Blood, The Machine) as well as the heretofore unreleased b-side “Product Placement.” You should really buy this single now.
  • The Thermals have a new, and really, very improved new website! Now would be a good time to check it out.
  • They just returned from a bunch of dates in the UK and EU, where, not surprisingly to us, they totally killed it. From the proof dept.: The Guardian’s live review, _NME_’s review of The Body, The Blood, The Machine, The Fly’s review of the new Pillar of Salt single
  • On June 22nd, they will be performing two songs on NPR’s Live Wire from Portand’s Aladdin Theater!
  • There is also a new, limited-edition, thirteen-track Insound Tour Support CD from The Thermals! This thing is extremely limited and only available through Insound or from The Thermals on tour. Get ‘em while they last. Here’s the track listing…
    1. Returning to the Fold (live at KEXP)
    2. I Might Need You to Kill (live at KEXP)
    3. Here’s Your Future (live at KEXP)
    4. St. Rosa and the Swallows (live at KEXP)
    5. A Stare like Yours (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    6. A Passing Feeling (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    7. Brace and Break (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    8. Back to the Sea (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    9. Our Trip (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    10. Every Stitch (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    11. Welcome to the Planet (acoustic)
    12. I Know the Pattern (acoustic)
    13. A Pillar of Salt (acoustic)

FRI, JUN 1, 2007 at 2:37 AM



The Seattle Times said in 2004 that “Few things say summer in the Northwest like the image of downy youngsters with laptops chaining themselves to old-growth trees.” Salty’s Seafood Restaurant’s website proclaims that “Summer in the Northwest brings sunny, warm weather and long days with star-studded evenings.” While neither of these generalized statements speak the whole truth about how awesome June is here, it goes without saying that we’re all so psyched, we’re practically crapping our pants. Allentown, PA’s Pissed Jeans know all about being psyched—their monumental new full-length, Hope for Men, is out on June 5th. The Austin Chronicle’s right-on description:

“Over massive Jesus Lizard-y guitar riffs, oft-shirtless singer Matt Korvette shouts about his “fantasy world,” where he’s a “special guy” who eats pizza and watches videos.”

Jennifer Gentle know about being psyched, too, but in a different, psychedelic sort of way. Their intense opus The Midnight Room is out June 19th, and multi-instrumentalist Marco Fasolo created the whole thing in his creepy (aka famous for its previous owner’s suicide by rifle) Ectoplasmic Studio, which is a house situated in the foggy plains of Northern Italy. It’s got distinctively Italian melodies, a primitive rock influence, and heaps of bizarro color.

Also, new in ye olde Sub Poppe Shoppe: a new Thermals 7" for A Pillar of Salt!

Basically, get ready for a sweet, sweet summer, losers!