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MON, FEB 2, 2009 at 5:14 AM

A Form of Paying Attention FEBRUARY 2009


Today is/was Groundhog Day and apparently there are six more years of winter or some crap, but that’s not stopping Sub Pop from putting out some quality records this month. February 17th is the release date for Tight Knit (CD/LP), the first ever Vetiver album on Sub Pop, but the fourth one for the band. If you pre-order Tight Knit we’ll throw in the “Hey Baby Doll” / “Miles Apart” 7” which came out on Gnomonsong last year, but act fast as supplies are limited. (If you are too slow you might end up with a Sham-Wow*.) They’re touring around Europe this month and they’ll be back on the East Coast in March. Plus, along with about 2,500 other bands on the label, they will be playing our SxSW show in March! Look at this and this for more info about Vetiver.

February 17th is also the day we will reissue all the Murder City Devils’ studio albums on vinyl. Yes, that’s right: The Murder City Devils, Empty Bottles Broken Hearts, In Name and Blood, and Thelema will all be reissued on rich, delicious marbled vinyl (First run only! Hop to it!). The Devils will be touring the West Coast as well so make sure to check them out while you can. Hopefully it will be something like the live scenes in this.

Hey, also, so Flight of the Conchords Season 2 is in full swing right now and we’re trying a new thing where you can buy a song from each episode on iTunes the day after the show. Every Monday throughout the season, we will be posting a new song on iTunes from the previous night’s show. Later, all of these songs, plus several more (probably around 15 songs total) will be on the next Flight of the Conchords full-length album, which we will be releasing in the more traditional “album format.” It’s what we’re calling our “See It on Sunday, Buy It on Monday (Please)” promotional ploy. And, we really think it’s possible you might like it. Go do that, okay?

*We will not be sending out any Sham-Wows. Get serious.

WED, DEC 17, 2008 at 1:11 AM

The Murder City Devils West Coast Tour: February 2009!


Hey! Good news! Our old friends "The Murder City Devils " are doing a string of west coast dates in February!

Those guys also just recently put together a fancy new website: And, we’ll be reissuing all of The Murder City Devils’ full-lengths (plus Thelema) on vinyl in February, to coincide with the tour.

The Feb. dates are all up in the tour section of the Sub Pop site now!

The full press release on the tour can be found here

See you there!

THU, MAY 3, 2007 at 8:33 AM

Seattle: John Atkins Art Opening at The Anne Bonney TONIGHT!


Our old friend Spencer Moody, formerly of The Murder City Devils (among others), currently of Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death has recently opened a shop on Seattle’s Capitol Hill called The Anne Bonny! And, in addition to the sale of “Art, Home Accoutrements and Dead People’s Furniture,” Mr. Moody’s Ms. Bonny will also function as a gallery space, with it’s first opening TONIGHT! Starting tonight, and running through June 8th, The Anne Bonny will be hosting a show of recent works by none other than John Atkins. Mr. Atkins has a long and storied history in Seattle music (from Hush Harbor, to 764-HERO, to Magic Magicians, to his current band The Can’t See – and probably some others I’m forgetting or don’t know about in amongst those…), is a remarkably talented musician, a uniquely pleasant and affable guy, and no slouch as an artiste. Go to the show if you can!

John Atkins Art Show at The Anne Bonny.
Recent works on display May 3rd to June 8th.
Opening Reception 7PM Thursday, May 3rd.
Gallery upstairs.