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MON, AUG 2, 2010 at 3:38 AM

11/100 - Patent Pending Retrospective: Opens Thurs. Aug. 5th in Seattle!


Dear Lucky Seattle-ites:

Our beloved and preternaturally talented art director Jeff Kleinsmith and his equally highly-regarded and gifted partner (and a former art director here at Sub Pop) Jesse LeDoux are putting on an 11-year retrospective poster show which opens this Thursday in Seattle. Together, Jeff and Jesse make up Patent Pending Industries and this 11/100 show will assuredly be great. See you there!

11/100 Public Opening:
August 5, 2010: 5 PM – 10 PM
Design Commission
310 S. Washington St.
Seattle, WA 98104

More info:

Jeff Kleinsmith and Jesse LeDoux decided to start making screen-printed rock posters together 11 years ago while working together in the art department at Sub Pop Records. They named their endeavor Patent Pending and used it as a creative outlet and experimental conduit.

As world events have shown, a lot has happened in the past 11 years. The quick version is: They made some posters. Some magazines wrote some articles about them. They opened a screen-printing shop. They did a couple more posters. They attended some Flatstock poster festivals. They taught some classes on poster design. Jesse moved to Rhode Island and opened up Patent Pending East. Jeff started doing some movie posters. Jesse moved the Patent Pending East office to Japan (Patent Pending FAR East?). They did some more posters. They closed the screen-printing shop. Got a couple more Flatstocks under their belt. Broke out of their white paper rut and did a poster on stainless steel (but still did a version on white paper). Jesse moved back to Seattle. They did a few more posters. The long version includes running from creditors due to fraudulent pizza and porn transactions on the company card, trying to hide a 1000-lb paper cutter, run-ins with meth-heads, and a couple major motion picture cameos.

WHICH BRINGS US TO NOW (or this Thursday, to be exact), when Patent Pending will have a retrospective poster show at the Design Commission Gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Digging deep into the archives, this will be the first time their 11-year body of influential poster work will be seen in its (near) entirety.

11/100 Public Opening:
August 5, 2010: 5 PM – 10 PM
Design Commission
310 S. Washington St.
Seattle, WA 98104

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WED, JAN 13, 2010 at 9:47 AM

The Suicide Squeeze Decade Crushing Sale


We hope that it comes as no (or even relatively little) surprise that we here at Sub Pop Records are great fans of a few things that are not actually on or directly related to Sub Pop Records. And one of these things that we are great fans of is the Suicide Squeeze record label. The label is both our neighbor and friend and is right now in the midst of an unbelievable Decade Crushing Sale. Read all about it below, but mostly, you should get over there and get you some.

From Suicide Squeeze Records:

After all the party-ending, porch-collapsing celebration, 2009 is history. Dead and gone, and good riddance… Fuck 2009: the hardest year of our past 14 years. What can I say? The raw truth is that if it weren’t for our bands (their fans, and ours) we’d be dead and gone too. Yeah, the collapse of Touch and Go Records—our exclusive national distributor—hit pretty close to home.

As one year of transition and hope becomes another year, stretching into an unknown, yet blindingly exciting future… All you can do is take the deepest of breaths, and hold tight to the things you love the most…

Help us maintain what we love: our family of bands, and the beautifully diverse music they create. And help yourselves, too, to some of this past decade’s great albums and singles… Everything from our most recent release (Russian Circles “Geneva”) to the earliest 7-inches by Modest Mouse and Elliott Smith—massively discounted. Sound to discover, sound to share.

The Suicide Squeeze Decade Crushing Sale

7" = $2.99

CD-EP = $4.99

CD = $8.99

LP = $9.99

TOTE BAGS = $6.99

T-SHIRTS = $9.99


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FRI, OCT 30, 2009 at 5:52 AM



On November 13th Mudhoney will be playing at Neumos in Seattle with Brothers of the Sonic Cloth (Tad Doyle’s band) and Unnatural Helpers. The show is a celebration of Michael Lavine’s new book titled, Grunge. Michael has taken numerous photos of Sub Pop’s artists over the years and many of them go way, way back. The book is pretty frickin’ amazing. You can see some of them in this video. Check it out and come join us. It’ll be fun!

If you’d like to have a copy of the book autographed by Michael, you can catch him at the following locations:

Friday, November 13 there will be a signing at noon at:
Orca Books
509 East 4th Ave
Olympia, WA

Saturday, November 14 at 4pm there will be a signing at:
Easy Street Records & Cafe
4559 California Ave SW # 200, Seattle, WA
(206) 938-EASY

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WED, SEP 2, 2009 at 10:36 AM

New Grand Archives CD/LP Sep 15th - Free GA bandana with pre-order!


On September 15th, we’re releasing a new Grand Archives record. It’s their second, it’s called Keep in Mind Frankenstein and, oh man, are we excited about it! We are also pretty excited about the special treat we have for you pre-orderers of this record. If you order the CD or LP (which comes with a digital download code) by September 15th, we’ll throw in a totally limited (and equally sweet) custom screen-printed Grand Archives bandana at no extra charge. This was something the band thought up and we got behind it immediately. Grand Archives want to give their fans bandanas? Then they get bandanas! We will also throw in Grand Archives and Sub Pop related buttons and stickers. So let’s do a quick recap: pre-order by September 15th, get a Grand Archives bandana, buttons and stickers. Plus, the handsomely packaged (the jackets for both formats feature some fancy, gold foil-stamped printing) CD and/or LP! Oh yeah, you’ll also get access to a stream of the entire record so you can listen to it right away. This is very, very good for you.

Pick up Keep In Mind Frankenstein here.

Check out a track here.

And, you really should see Grand Archives on the road!

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WED, AUG 26, 2009 at 11:18 AM

Kinski celebrates their 10-year anniversary


This Saturday night, Aug. 29, our friends in Kinski will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary! Details about the show are in the note below and you should certainly attend!

Hey Everyone,

We’re celebrating Kinski’s 10th anniversary as a band. Can you believe that?

We’re going to do it at a little bar in Seattle that has meant a lot to us over the years, the Monkey Pub.

The show is this Saturday, August 29th and it’s part of the N.U.D.E. festival. Also on the bill are our pals the Peripherals and Fortress of Victory.

There’s a bunch of other shows happening in the U. District that night as part of the festival too. We’ll be going on later, so swing on by.

And Kinski’s original drummer, Dave Weeks, will be sitting in with us on a couple of our older numbers from the early days.

We’ll also continue the celebration Sept 11th at Chop Suey with Lesbian.



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