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FRI, AUG 21, 2009 at 4:25 AM



The title says it all. If you happen to to be a Seattle resident, or if you’re just visiting, you have a multitude of Sub Pop & Family partying options this weekend. Thank goodness Lacey made a complete weekend guide or else we’d all be totally lost, wandering and partyless.


-KEXP’s Mural Concert Series w/ Moondoggies and Fruit Bats 6 PM

-Newly signed Dum Dum Girls at Kia Soul Collective 6 PM, RSVP here

-Hardly Art’s own Nick Heliotis Happy Birthday Show at The Funhouse w/ Le Sang Song, Wallpaper, and The Familiars 10 PM

-The Sea Navy at The Sunset (Stuart Fletcher’s band! He works here!) at The Sunset 10:30 PM

-Pissed Jeans at Chop Suey MIDNIGHT


-No Age at Kia Soul Collective 6:45 PM, see RSVP link above

-Newly signed Hardly Art band Unnatural Helpers (featuring Sub Pop’s favorite IT guy, Mandrew on the boom stick) at The Funhouse MIDNIGHT

-PENS at Chop Suey, UNKNOWN TIME (PENS are on De Stijl, a rad label that we distribute)

-Pissed Jeans in-studio on KEXP at 10 PM, Listen here!

-Also of note, but not open to the public: Our General Manager Chris Jacobs’ birthday!

Get out there folks!

Posted by Sasha Morgan

THU, AUG 20, 2009 at 7:28 AM

Dum Dum Girls play Seattle


HEY! The Dum Dum Girls are playing in south Seattle on Friday August 21, 2009!

Dum Dum Girls at 6pm
Wavves at 7pm
Pacific Industrial Center
2960 4th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134

Someone else that we like a lot is playing on Saturday.
Check here for more info.

Posted by Lacey Swain

WED, AUG 5, 2009 at 3:19 AM

You can now hear the No Age Losing Feeling EP for free! You can also buy it for $8!


Hear a full stream of the new No Age EP Losing Feeling here at now!

Here is the Losing Feeling stream!

Losing Feeling is a new 4-song EP from our Southern Californian friends No Age. All four songs were written in the band’s practice space. “Genie” was even recorded there; the other three were recorded at Infrasonic Sound. All of it took place in Los Angeles. The Losing Feeling EP will be available on October 6, 2009 as a 12" vinyl EP and as magical, invisible, digital files, but not as a compact disc. And, because we are forever trying to engage the future in a clumsy, overly familiar embrace, we are right now offering users of the Sub Pop website (conveniently located at access to a free stream of the full EP. We’re also doing this because we like you guys, and we really like No Age and this new EP of theirs. So, right g-d now, you can go here and, for free, listen to all of Losing Feeling! You may also, right now, pre-order the 12-inch vinyl version of Losing Feeling for the incredibly reasonable price of $8. We strongly encourage you to do so. On October 6th, this price will go up to a still very reasonable $10 and the mp3s will be available for $4.

You will, it is worth mentioning, need to log in to the Sub Pop website to access this stream of Losing Feeling. Please do not complain about this. It is very easy and takes no time at all—all that’s required is a name and email address. And then, if you’re willing, we will very, very occasionally (we too are busy people with lives of our own to live) send you new news about No Age.

No Age’s Losing Feeling EP comes out October 6th but you can hear it now and pre-order a copy on vinyl for $8!

Posted by Chris Jacobs

THU, JUN 4, 2009 at 4:34 AM

Randy Randall & Co direct Mika Miko video


No Age’s Randy Randall partnered with the Director’s Bureau to create a new video for Mika Miko’s “I Got A Lot” and it’s pretty killer. Check here to see it, and make sure to post more comments about there not being enough, ahem, “titties” in the video. God, I hate the internet.

Posted by Lacey Swain

WED, JUN 3, 2009 at 6:01 AM

A Form of Paying Attention June 2009


Hello, Friends of Sub Pop on the Internet! We’d like to take this opportunity to give back a little something to you, the Sub Pop fan and lover of music. We’ve just recently put together a little sampler of our upcoming releases and we’re giving them away for free in the hopes that you might like what you hear and then buy these releases for actual dollars. Click this sexy link to see what we’ve got for you. And, since you’re here on the internet already we thought you might want to check out our other web goings-on on wildly popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We give away free tickets and post dumb videos on these sites sometimes so it might be worth your while to friend and/or follow us. Plus, this way you can stay on top of all our new releases and other important mumbo jumbo. Come on, do it. We have a Youtube channel, too, with all our videos and a Myspace, too, but who uses that anymore? Also, Dean and Stuart just restructured our blog so that it looks more like a blog and less like whatever it looked like before. It’s easier to read now, and we’ll promise to update it more often with good stuff if you promise to read it.

Speaking of reading, the deadline for the Sub Pop Loser Scholarship is rapidly approaching. We’re giving away $13,000 in scholarship money to eligible high school seniors in the Pacific Northwest who are interested in the arts, so make sure to get in on this action or to spread the word, whichever applies. Look here for a more info about the great folks that won last year. Come to think of it, maybe we should check in with them and make sure they haven’t squandered their winnings on Ramen and mini-thins….

Every June Seattle is host to the world’s longest film festival, aka the Seattle International Film Festival. This year our boys No Age are performing an original live score in accompaniment to Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Césár winning film, The Bear (France, 1988). The debut of this never before seen or heard work takes place on Friday, June 12, at the Triple Door at 7:00pm (all-ages) and 9:30pm (21+). Tickets are $20 in advance, $22 day of show. Tickets available here. These things are always a good time—I highly recommend checking this out if you’re in Seattle that day. Have a lovely June, dudes.

Posted by Lacey Swain

FRI, MAY 29, 2009 at 7:08 AM

No Age: Blog in Japan


On their recent trip to Japan, our friends in No Age found many things to blog about. Not only that, but they took pictures. Check it out over at their blog.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson