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FRI, MAY 28, 2010 at 10:02 AM



For those of you wondering, we contacted all three losers today. If you have not been contacted, you’re a winner. (Which is to say that we have now talked to all three of the winners of the 2010 Sub Pop Loser Scholarship. They now know who they are, and we’ll have more info on them here next week!)

Thanks so much to everyone who applied! We thoroughly enjoyed looking through your essays. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but Washington and Oregon got a lotta talent.

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MON, JUL 6, 2009 at 4:52 AM



The results are in, finally! Sorry we’re late on announcing, but we spent all Fourth of July weekend locked in the office deliberating. J/K. We actually knew last week, but I may have started my holiday early and was a little too lazy to make a post.

So without further ado, let me introduce the lucky Sub Pop Loser Scholarship winners for 2009!

FIRST PLACE: Kelton Sears

Mr. Sears, Renaissance man from Maple Valley, WA, not only wowed us with his essay, but charmed us with his vast array of arty submissions. This guy is a musician (listen to his original song “Rewired” here), an aspiring filmmaker (he makes short films and video announcements for Tahoma High School), AND he writes short stories too! Kelton plans on majoring in Creative Writing at Seattle University in the fall.


Seattle native Kiku Hughes impressed the Sub Pop Loser Scholarship panel with the format of her submission. She created the aesthetically pleasing Loser Magazine highlighting her love of writing and design. Kiku writes for Three Imaginary Girls, designs show posters, and has involved herself wholeheartedly in the Seattle music community. She’ll be attending New York University in the fall and plans to major in Media, Culture and Communications and minor in Studio Art.

THIRD PLACE: Marguerite Brown

Miss Brown plays guitar, drums, AND piano and has been doing it since she was 12. She writes and records her own music, and has already played gigs at a variety of Seattle venues—Gallery 1412, Neumos, and Bumbershoot! We loved the CD of original songs that she submitted, as well as her passion for getting out there and playing live! She’ll be attending Cornish College of the Arts and plans on majoring in Music Composition.

Congratulations to these amazing kids, and thanks everyone for submitting your essays!

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TUE, JUN 16, 2009 at 5:48 AM



Thanks so much to all of the kids who applied for the Sub Pop Loser Scholarship 2009! We didn’t get as many applications this year because we dropped the ball and announced it pretty late, but you get to be totally stoked on account of less competition! We’ll announce the lucky losers on July 2nd, so check back to read more about who we’ve selected for our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes of $6,000 / $4,000 / $3,000! Also, that picture is of my cousin Michael just because he’s a high school senior. I’m trying to turn him on to the good stuff.

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WED, JUN 3, 2009 at 6:01 AM

A Form of Paying Attention June 2009


Hello, Friends of Sub Pop on the Internet! We’d like to take this opportunity to give back a little something to you, the Sub Pop fan and lover of music. We’ve just recently put together a little sampler of our upcoming releases and we’re giving them away for free in the hopes that you might like what you hear and then buy these releases for actual dollars. Click this sexy link to see what we’ve got for you. And, since you’re here on the internet already we thought you might want to check out our other web goings-on on wildly popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We give away free tickets and post dumb videos on these sites sometimes so it might be worth your while to friend and/or follow us. Plus, this way you can stay on top of all our new releases and other important mumbo jumbo. Come on, do it. We have a Youtube channel, too, with all our videos and a Myspace, too, but who uses that anymore? Also, Dean and Stuart just restructured our blog so that it looks more like a blog and less like whatever it looked like before. It’s easier to read now, and we’ll promise to update it more often with good stuff if you promise to read it.

Speaking of reading, the deadline for the Sub Pop Loser Scholarship is rapidly approaching. We’re giving away $13,000 in scholarship money to eligible high school seniors in the Pacific Northwest who are interested in the arts, so make sure to get in on this action or to spread the word, whichever applies. Look here for a more info about the great folks that won last year. Come to think of it, maybe we should check in with them and make sure they haven’t squandered their winnings on Ramen and mini-thins….

Every June Seattle is host to the world’s longest film festival, aka the Seattle International Film Festival. This year our boys No Age are performing an original live score in accompaniment to Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Césár winning film, The Bear (France, 1988). The debut of this never before seen or heard work takes place on Friday, June 12, at the Triple Door at 7:00pm (all-ages) and 9:30pm (21+). Tickets are $20 in advance, $22 day of show. Tickets available here. These things are always a good time—I highly recommend checking this out if you’re in Seattle that day. Have a lovely June, dudes.

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TUE, MAY 27, 2008 at 8:36 AM



The results are in! We have finally decided upon three lucky losers to become the recipients of this year’s Loser Scholarship! We were truly amazed by the volume (over 200!) and the quality of the applications (well, most of them—you know who you are, people who didn’t even answer the questions.).

Our grand prize winner, who will receive a $6,000 scholarship, is Matt Bade, ballerina (rino?) extraordinaire. You may already know him as the kid who wanders around in the Shins’ music video “New Slang” that aired on MTV in 2005. Among many things (like the fact it takes GUTS to be a male ballerina), we loved Matt’s hardcore dedication to his art. He attends traditional academic schooling from 8 a.m. until noon each day, and then drives to Jefferson High School and dances with the Jefferson Dancers until 8 p.m. Three times a week he wakes up at 6 a.m. for athletes training classes. Even though he dances 40 hours he week, he managed to keep a 3.9 GPA!

Our two runners-up, Stephanie Cristol and Evan Long, will receive $3,500 scholarships. Stephanie, a Seattle native, sent us a rad essay as well as a compilation of her music, show flyers that she drew, an interview with Ian McKaye for her zine Shaken Baby, and Teenage Trash, a documentary she made about the Seattle punk scene. How could we NOT pick her? Our other runner-up Evan Long, also from Seattle, started a record label at her school called Cougar Records, and is the principal audio engineer and music producer. Congratulations, you three—go out there and make us proud!

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FRI, MAR 21, 2008 at 9:45 AM

The Loser Scholarship is Back for 2008!


We at Sub Pop Records have always thought quite a bit of ourselves. But lately, it’s been getting a little ridiculous, even for us. However, it is our innate ability to cast aside just these sorts of, fortunately fleeting, moments of self-doubt and humility that fills us with such overwhelming pride to announce… THE SUB POP SCHOLARSHIP! Somewhat incredibly, and momentarily ignoring the fact that we have managed to misspell our own name (which consists of two three-letter words…) on one of our own releases, Sub Pop Records is hereby joining the fight against higher education! The relevant details are below…

Sub Pop Records in Seattle, WA is offering a grand total of $13,000 worth of college scholarship money to three eligible high school seniors. There are three scholarships—one for $6,000 and two for $3,500 each. To apply for these scholarships you must be a resident of Washington or Oregon, and a graduating senior on your way to full-time enrollment at an accredited university or college. We are looking for an applicant who is involved and/or interested in music and/or the creative arts in some way.

To apply for these scholarships we would like you to submit an essay, no longer than one page, letting us know about some of the following topics:

* What are you doing in the arts/music field in your community?
* How and/or why did you become interested in artistic outlets?
* Why do you need this scholarship money?
* What are your influences and/or who inspires you?
* Who are some of your favorite bands or artists?

Applicants are encouraged to send digital links and provide hard copies of their artwork along with their essay. However, please be aware that Sub Pop will not return any of this material, so please don’t send originals. Sub Pop will give equal opportunity to all applicants who fit the criteria outlined above. The deadline for applications is May 1, 2008 so please get in touch before then if you are interested.

Please send all submissions and attachments to

All physical submissions should be sent to:

Sub Pop Records
Attn: Scholarship
2013 4th Ave, 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98121

Amount: $6,000 / $3,500 / $3,500 – checks will be made payable to the university or college of the winning applicants’ choice and applied to winning applicants’ tuition.

Posted by Lacey Swain