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THU, MAR 7, 2013 at 9:25 AM

You, Sub Pop, & 2013’s SXSW

Are you by chance heading down to South By Southwest this year? ?? (Was your answer “yes” to that question? If so, read on, if it was “no”, see the below*)?? That’s crazy, because us too! Well, some of us are. The “us” to which I am referring are the collective “us” that is comprised of the always terrific Sub Pop recording artists METZ, Pissed Jeans, Rose Windows, Jaill and King Tuff. There will be other Sub Pop employees there, but they won’t be playing shows, so they don’t really matter too much in the context of this blog post(though I’m certain that if you found one, they’d definitely buy you a drink or your choosing). Since you are going to SXSW, why not take a minute to acquaint/reacquaint yourself with the aforementioned bands through the magic of this playlist we’re not-so-creatively calling, “The Sub Pop Bands Playing SXSW This Year.” I think you’ll be impressed.

*That’s crazy, because neither are we! Well, some of “we” aren’t going, but others of us are. The “we” that are going are the always terrific Sub Pop recording artists METZ, Pissed Jeans, Rose Windows, Jaill and King Tuff. And while it is a bit of a bummer that not everyone gets to go down and enjoy warm, sunny Austin to see a lot of very exciting bands do their thing, you can still listen to them from wherever you are (we’re in the very gray city of Seattle not at all bitter that we don’t get to go to balmy Austin to watch a ton of bands) through the magic of this playlist we’re not-so-creatively calling, “The Sub Pop Bands Playing SXSW This Year”, you can listen to these bands as if you are there in person (minus the sun and ice-cold Shiners).

For those of you who are going to SXSW, please refer to the following schedule to catch our bands’ sets.

3:00 PM – Rose Windows – Fin Records Showcase @ Jackalope
ADDRESS: 404 E 6th Street

4:00 PM – JAILL – Burger Party @ Trailer Space
ADDRESS: 1401 Rosewood Ave.

8:00 PM – JAILLSXSW @ Hotel Vegas
ADDRESS: 1500 East 6th Street

9:00 PM Rose Windows @ Austin Ale House (Seattle Music Showcase)
ADDRESS: 301 West 6th Street

3:00 PM – KING TUFF – Converse / Thrasher Party @ Scoot Inn
ADDRESS: 1308 E 4th Street (at Navasota)

4:00 PM – METZ- Brooklyn Vegan @ Old Emos Venue
ADDRESS: 603 Red River St

9:00 PM – JAILLKVRX Party @ Spider House
ADDRESS: 2906 Fruth Street

9:20-9:50 PM- PISSED JEANS- Pitchfork Showcase
ADDRESS: 1100 Warehouse (1100 E. 5th St. between San Marcos and Waller)

12:30 PM- Rose Windows @ Hotel Vegas (IET / Ping Pong PR Day Party)
ADDRESS: 1500 East 6th Street

3:00 PM – METZ – Stereogum/Hype Machine @ Hype Hotel
ADDRESS: 301 Brazos St

3:30- JAILL – Goner / IET / Ping Pong Party @ Hotel Vegas
ADDRESS: 1500 East 6th Street

3:30 PM – Rose Windows @ Brush Square Park (ZIIBRA Showcase)
ADDRESS: 409 East 5th Street

5:00 pm – KING TUFF – Sailer Jerry / Blundertown Party @ Gypsy Lounge
ADDRESS: 1504 E 6th Street

5:00 pm – METZ – Another Planet Entertainment Party @ Red Eyed Fly
ADDRESS: 715 Red River

8:00 PM- Rose Windows – Blackbox Showcase @ Doc’s Motorworks
ADDRESS: 1123 South Congress Avenue

9:50 – JAILL – Austin Facial Hair @ Grackle
ADDRESS: 1700 E 6th St

10:30 PM – METZ – Filter Magazine / Doc Martens Party @ Bar 96
ADDRESS: 96 Rainey Street

11:30 PM – KING TUFF – Filter / Doc Martens Party @ Bar 96
ADDRESS:96 Rainey Street

2:00 PM – METZ – The AV Club/Flowerbooking Party @ Mohawk
ADDRESS: 912 Red River

5:00 PM – KING TUFF- Brooklyn Vegan Party @ Emo’s
ADDRESS: 603 Red River St (corner of 6th)

6:00 PM – METZ – Urban Outfitters Back Lot
ADDRESS:2406 Guadalupe St

6:30 PM- Rose Windows – @ Redefine Mag Party @ House of Commons
ADDRESS: 2610 Rio Grande Street

11:00 PM – Rose Windows- Rockin Tomato Pizza Party!
ADDRESS: 3003 South Lamar Blvd

11:45 PM – KING TUFF – Burgermania II @ Hotel Vegas
ADDRESS: 1500 East 6th Street

12:00 PM- Rose Windows – SXSW “Hangover” show @ Beerland
ADDRESS: 711 Red River Street

COMMERCE : THU, JUN 7, 2012 at 4:21 AM

Jaill’s Traps out June 12–Free 7” w/ Pre-orders


Traps, the follow up album to Jaill’s 2010 Sub Pop debut, That’s How We Burn, is a record which has quickly (and perhaps prematurely) become a summer favorite around here due in large part to the overwhelmingly seasonal nature of the jams contained therein. While Traps is similar to its predecessor in terms of being saturated with what we here at Sub Pop would (and do!) regard as amazing, seasonally-appropriate songs, it differs a bit in its subject matter. Take for example these song titles: "Everyone’s a Bitch” or “Horrible Things (Make Pretty Songs).” Fear not though, friends, while the lyrics have taken a darker turn, the band’s signature slack yet tightly wound musical style and self-deprecating humor retain all of their charms. June 12th is the date on which Jaill and Sub Pop are releasing this beast into the wilds, and to celebrate, we would like to offer you EVEN MORE JAILL! Here’s what we’re proposing: if you pre-order the CD or LP by street date, we will send, at no extra cost, an exclusive 7”. Said single features two brand spanking new Jaill songs. Another thing of note is that if you pre-order Traps on LP from, you’ll receive the super limited, Loser Edition, colored-vinyl version of the record—in this case, your copy will be on green vinyl. Both of these limited edition things are (as the name implies) only available in very limited quantities, which is to say – order soon! Oh yeah, and as always, you’ll receive stickers. We’re forever giving you stickers.

Pick up ??Traps":

TUE, APR 3, 2012 at 7:42 AM

New Music From Jaill! “Waste A Lot Of Things”

We’d like to let you know that you can listen to the newest track from Jaill by simply pressing the play button in the widget above (did we really need to explain that? perhaps not.) and if you happen to like what you hear, you can get the download of the track by entering in your email in that very same widget above and the new Jaill tune, “Waste A Lot Of Things”, off their upcoming June 12th record, Traps, will be sent to you.

What else can we share with you that may be fairly self-explanatory? How about, if you’d like more information on Jaill you can help yourself to the copious amounts of Jaill-related information we have waiting for you over on their artist page. Band bio, album information, photos, music, useful links.

That there is some pretty informative stuff here, we think!

MON, AUG 23, 2010 at 4:09 AM

Jaill Goes To Sub Pop


Jaill got sentenced to some manual labor (sorry, couldn’t resist) during their recent visit to the office. We had them modeling our shirts for our store and even had them help us package up some No Age Glitter singles (quick note – those “Glitter” singles are out tomorrow!). The band was game for it all and we took some photos to remember the good times with these good guys – you can find some of ’em around on our store and also on Flickr and Facebook pages too. We realized too late though that we should have had them put some sort of “Packaged with love by Jaill” note in each single they packed…Dang. Next time.

The guys were in town kicking off their West Coast tour dates with Hold Steady and we think you should check them out if they are headed your way. Plus, who knows, maybe they’d be willing to help you out with some of the stuff you need to get done too?

TUE, JUL 27, 2010 at 6:40 AM

Jaill That’s How We Burn Out Today + New Video


Milwaukee pop rockers Jaill’s debut record That’s How We Burn, is out today! Jam-packed with infectious hooks and grooves, it’s guaranteed to make you want to fling your body into a love fest of indie rock dance.
Because we at Sub Pop learned a long time ago that sharing is caring, we are allowing you the opportunity to stream Jaill’s entire record until tomorrow, Wednesday July 28. Click here to listen. If you pre-order That’s How We Burn by today (July 27th), you’ll receive a free Jaill patch handmade by the same glorious hands who made this unquestionably buy-able record.Pre-order That’s How We Burn!..
Ever wonder what a beach blanket hand-jive, with aliens, flying saucers, palm trees and 4 dudes from the Midwest would look like? Well watch Jaill’s new video for “The Stroller” to find out.
Lastly, the band will be heading out on the road, opening a slew of dates with fellow mid-westerners The Hold Steady. The full list of Jaill tour dates is here.
More information on Jaill can be found right here.

FRI, JUL 23, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Introducing Rock & Roll Band, Jaill!


The Midwest has given us so much throughout history: The Replacements, Devo, Husker Du, Prince, Low, Brett Favre, the corndog (I assume), other foods on a stick, and now, rock and roll band Jaill. Jaill hail from Milwaukee, WI, and like much from the Midwest, they are mind-bogglingly awesome. On July 27th, Sub Pop is releasing Jaill’s second full-length, That’s How We Burn, on CD and LP (digital download included with the LP).

When you pre-order That’s How We Burn, we’ll give you a Jaill patch handmade by the band themselves (on what they claim is vintage material). With this patch, your jean jacket will never be more gussied-up. We’ll also give you a few stickers and a link to stream the entire record right away so you won’t have to wait for your order to arrive to hear it. The Midwest is a bountiful place, not infrequently referred to as “the nation’s breadbasket.” With us at Sub Pop, Jaill and their That’s How We Burn record album, this is now more true than ever, or something. Please buy Jaill’s That’s How We Burn from us today.

Pre-order That’s How We Burn here

Download a couple free Jaill tracks here