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The best joke in the comments section wins CD copies of Blitzen Trapper’s Destroyer of the Void, Foals’ Total Life Forever, and Wolf Parade’s Expo 86! These albums are also for sale, so if you have shitty jokes you might just want to go that route. Any and all World Cup jokes will be immediately disqualified out of spite.

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WED, MAY 19, 2010 at 9:14 AM

What’s That Song? (#2)


Have you seen the new promo campaign for the hit HBO series Entourage? It features the song “Spanish Sahara” off the new Foals album Total Life Forever out now on iTunes and on CD/2xLP on June 15th. Watch the Entourage promo piece here. Order the album here. See the official video for the song here. Read more about Foals here.

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TUE, MAY 11, 2010 at 4:55 AM

11th Heaventh


We have a trio of really awesome new releases available today. CocoRosie Grey Oceans , Male Bonding Nothing Hurts and the ITunes release of Foals Total Life Forever.

Grey Oceans is CocoRosie’s fourth album and debut for Sub Pop. It’s a beautiful, enchanting record with incredible arrangements. Try the lead single Lemonade here , and check out The Tripwire’s post here. The CD and LP have different artwork and you can grab them over here. Here are three trailers featuring music from Grey Oceans

Smokey Taboo
Trinity’s Crying
The Moon Asked The Crow

Nothing Hurts , the debut album by London’s Male Bonding, is also out today. We fell for their high-energy-hook-laden numbers a little over a year ago and we are so excited to finally be putting their record out. Drowned in Sound gave the record a 9/10 NME an 8/10 and Pitchfork gave a Best New Track nod to Year’s Not Long and did a great little Rising Piece. Try Year’s Not Long here and Franklin here. Also, check out this cool session they did for Radio 1: Year’s Not Long. You can pick up Nothing Hurts here.

To complete the trio, we have the US Itunes release of Foals Total Life Forever. Following on from their 2008 debut Antidotes, Foals have returned with a stunning second record. It’s a real progression from the last one – the tempos are a little slower, often starting sparsely and building to intense crescendos, nowhere more so than on Spanish Sahara. Elsewhere, Two Trees is a subtle delicate track and This Orient and Miami are big pop gems. You can check out 2 tracks on the release page for Total Life Forever here and buy the record on Itunes here. The CD and double LP versions will be available on June 15th. Here are a selection of new Foals videos currently enhancing the internet:

Spanish Sahara
This Orient
This Orient Live on BBC Radio 1
Spanish Sahara Live on French TV

Finally, we have a new 15 track FREE Sampler up on Amazon starting today: Digital Bang. If you are in the US, you can go ahead and grab it here

If you are outside the US, you can listen on the Soundcloud here.

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TUE, MAR 30, 2010 at 10:33 AM

Foals Total Life Forever out on Sub Pop


Sub Pop Records to release Foals’ album Total Life Forever in the US

In April of 2008, we at Sub Pop Records had the good fortune to release the US version of Antidotes, the debut album by Oxford, UK quintet Foals. Antidotes was a special album. In the idiot clamor of retro guitars, its keen sense of dare and future marked Foals out as a band intent on establishing their own context: hurtling along on incessant, acrobatic fret-play and cymbals hissing with the bliss of exertion. It won them attention, and the chance to evolve in a space of their own. Two years on from that impressive introduction, a choice has been made–-rather than contort Antidotes’ lithesome guitars into ever more elaborate patterns, Total Life Forever is the sound of a band settling into and surveying the decay of old protocols. With this new album, Foals strip their sound back and turn themselves inside out searching for that invisible human thing.

“I feel like I’m wearing less masks with my lyrics now,” offers 23-year-old frontman and guitarist Yannis Philippakis. “Before I felt secure behind cryptic images—I liked stuff that didn’t show me to myself, but on this record I tried to express things with more truth.”

The result is an album as persuasive emotionally as Antidotes was physically. Whereas that album constantly reinforced its own presence by filling the air with yelping and polyrhythm, tracks on Total Life Forever such as disarming opener “Blue Blood,” “2 Trees” and the astonishing “Black Gold” are happier to leave gaps for the listener to explore in mind’s ear and eye.

Written primarily in the basement of their Oxford HQ (“The House of Supreme Mathematics”) and recorded in Gothenburg with former Clor man Luke Smith, Total Life Forever finds Foals singing rather than shouting, emotional as well as functional. The band’s soul-search reveals new antidotes found in infinite, internal spaces rather than carved violently upon the air–-Total Life Forever feels more the work of artists than artisans. It’s a triumph that they’ve managed to remain a band of progress and propulsion while investigating that vast, dark space lurking inside themselves-–that gap between ribs where “nature, or god or whatever you wanna call it, will come in.”

Total Life Forever will be available in the US digitally on May 11th, 2010, and on CD and double-LP June 15, 2010.

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TUE, JUN 23, 2009 at 3:35 AM

For the Record #1: Foals - Antidotes


Welcome to a new feature of the internet (and more specifically “For the Record”. It’s going to work something like this: one of us picks a record we are fond of, writes a few lines about why we like it and then we put it on sale for 48 hours. You, enticed by the the review and overcome by feelings of inadequacy for not having listened the first time we told you it was great, buy the record. Deal?

Band: Foals
Record: Antidotes
When we told you the first time: April 8th 2008

Antidotes is unlike any other record Sub Pop has put out. Talking Heads, Steve Reich, Arthur Russell, Fugazi, the Kompakt label, The Cure and “dance rock” (ugh) aren’t reference points for many bands we work with. What Foals do have in common with many of the best loved Sub Pop records is the spirit of outsiders playing their own distorted vision of pop music. Descriptions of the band’s “taught rhythm section” and “insect like guitar lines” litter the internet, so I won’t bore you with those (try the mp3s and video links to hear for yourself or Bing Foals). My favorite track is Heavy Water, or to be precise the second half of it, so look out for that when you buy it. Foals themselves will be the first to tell you that they didn’t pull off everything they attempted on Antidotes, but it’s cruel to be too critical of a band for having too many ideas. The band is currently working on their second record back in Oxford, England. Until LP2, please satisfy yourself with Antidotes, the first Foals record.

For the next 48 hours you can pick up Antidotes for $6 on CD and LP and for $4 digital. The CD contains UK singles “Hummer” and “Mathletics” as bonus tracks, those tracks are included on a 7” in the sleeve with the vinyl.

Click here to buy!

Watch the video for Olympic Airways here

Listen to Balloons here (right click to save or left click to listen now)

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