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TUE, MAR 3, 2009 at 2:49 AM

A Form of Paying Attention March 2009


Alright, guys, fuck yeah! Two thousand nine is really picking up speed here at HQ and we’ve got some (dare I say) great stuff for you in the lovely month of March. On March 10 we will release the new HANDSOME FURS record on CD & LP. If you order FACE CONTROL before 3/10 we will include a CDR with 4 live album tracks recorded in Seattle. Buttons, stickers, blah blah blah, yes, you get that, too! Also, we’re doing a thing now that lets you stream the whole album once you purchase from That’s cool, right? March 10 is also the release date for the MARK SULTAN (the BBQ half of the King Khan & BBQ show) seven inch “Hold On” b/w “I Hear a New World”. The songs are great and so is the art/packaging. Get with it.

The OBITS record I BLAME YOU comes out on March 24th and I couldn’t be more excited—this is my record of the year. (No other records need apply.) We’ll give you a lenticular (Google it) postcard designed by the band if you pre-order, plus butts and sticks, AND the ability to stream! All this and nothing more if you order before March 23! That same day is the day we release BUNNY GETS PAID by RED RED MEAT in deluxe form including a 7-song 2nd disc of alternate, demo and single versions of album tracks, plus b-sides, covers and a previously unreleased song from the same era (“St. Anthony’s Jawbone”), all put together by the band. GET IT!

March is also the month of SXSW in Austin, TX. As has become our custom, we will be having a little Sub Pop showcase on two stages on Thursday, March 19 at the Radio Room. Here’s the sitch:
8:00 No Age (outside)
9:00 Red Red Meat (outside)
9:30 Mark Sultan (inside)
10:00 Obits (outside)
10:30 Daniel Martin Moore (inside)
11:00 Vetiver (outside)
11:30 Tiny Vipers (inside)
12:00 Blitzen Trapper (outside)
12:30 Pretty & Nice (inside)
1:00 Handsome Furs (outside)

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MON, MAR 2, 2009 at 3:37 AM

Daniel Martin Moore on NPR’s World Cafe Tuesday, March 3


The very talented, affable and strikingly tall Daniel Martin Moore recently recorded a performance and interview for NPR’s World Cafe and this session will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 3rd! You should listen!

Here are the details as we know them…

National Public Radio’s World Cafe with host David Dye can be heard on nearly 200 stations nationwide. Fans can find their local station by scrolling to the bottom & choosing their state under “Find a Program Broadcast Time” at the following link:

…or worldwide they can listen online to the WXPN/Philadelphia stream Monday through Friday, 2pm to 4pm Eastern Standard Time by going to:

Late in the day of broadcast, the audio will be available on the National Public Radio website:

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TUE, OCT 7, 2008 at 8:46 AM

A Form Of Paying Attention October 2008


Whoa. It’s October already? Time sure flies when the world is going to hell in a handbucket…

What better way to bailout Wall St. fat cats than by releasing some records??

First up this month: Daniel Martin Moore’s record album debut Stray Age! Daniel is new around here and we are head over heels for this new, quietly powerful record of his. Normally, in this space, I’d go on and on about the many ways in which Daniel’s record is amazing, what we find so striking about it, and why you should take a chance and buy it. Or, rather, Lacey would do that, normally. Instead of either of those things, we’ve somehow managed to set up a stream of Daniel’s entire record and invite you to listen to it and make up your own mind. You can listen to Daniel Martin Moore’s Stray Age in full here. (You’ll have to log-in to to access the stream, but if you don’t already have one, signing up for an account takes about 20 seconds…)

Also this month! Our friends, neighbors, and the people who we suspect of using up the last of our creamer over at Hardly Art are releasing Get Young by Boston’s Pretty & Nice. And, the good people over at Aquarius Records (who really, genuinely are good people) had some very nice things to say about it. Nice things like: “There’s just something so amazing about pop music like this, the sounds and the songs, the hooks and the vibe, the energy, it’s pretty rare for all of those things to just fall perfectly into place, but when they do, it’s total fucking magic.”

Total Fucking Magic. ’Nuff said.

Lastly, as you’ve no doubt noticed by now (and, consequently, have probably not even read this far…), our usual correspondent in this space, Lacey Swain, is currently unavailable for any and all job-related activities. This is for a decidedly good reason: she and her longtime companion/live-in lover/fellow Coconut Coolout finally tied the knot and they’re off honeymoonin’ it up! So, altogether now: Congratulations Stacey and Roman!! We’re very, very happy for you crazy kids! Now get back to work!

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FRI, OCT 3, 2008 at 3:34 AM

Daniel Martin Moore Debut Out October 7th


(Stream Stray Age in full here!)

On October 7th, Stray Age, the debut recording from Daniel Martin Moore will be available to you on CD and as modern, downloadable MP3s. You’ve never heard of Daniel Martin Moore, from Cold Spring, Kentucky and that’s okay. Before we got his unsolicited demo in January 2007, neither had we. Luckily, he’d heard of us, and contacted us the way people in Cold Spring still do—he sent us a package, just to see what would happen. We caught up with Daniel while he was working at a friend’s bed and breakfast in Costa Rica. Recorded in Los Angeles in late 2007/early 2008, Stray Age is his stunning, understated debut.

If you pre-order Stray Age by October 7th, we’ll throw in, at no charge to you, a limited CDR featuring four demos, three of which are exclusive to this release. And, as-per-usual, you can expect some stickers and a button or two.

Do us all a favor and pre-order Stray Age here.

Listen to Daniel here

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THU, JAN 3, 2008 at 8:37 AM

Pandering to the Locals January ‘08


So my boss just comes over to my desk and says to me, “Lacey, are you going to do a new Pandering? It’s a new year and we need a new Pandering, right?” You know what I say? It’s time for a new name for this piece of shit column and I need some serious help coming up with something clever/not dumb. I know some people read this thing from time to time so please help me out and I will reward the winning name with some Sub Pop junk such as a tshirt or a tote bag or something.

Speaking of Sub Pop, the new Helio Sequence record is so good that it’s the only thing we’re putting out this month. Seriously. Go here to check it out and purchase it. I’m pretty sure we’re giving away a bonus disc with some outtakes, etc., but one of my resolutions for 2008 was to not remember anything, so, you know, I’m not sure.

Hey, Sub Pop is going to the Sundance Film Festival in a few weeks and we’re having a party at the Star Bar on the 18th so come by if you’re in town. There will be performances from The Helio Sequence, Kelley Stoltz, and Daniel Martin Moore plus loads and loads of celebrities and snow. See you on the slopes, suckers.

Grunge Panda by Derek Erdman

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