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NEWS : MON, JUN 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM

Hear new Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6 tracks from Duma, Hand Habits, and LIDS

Sub Pop proudly presents new, exclusive, two-song singles by Duma, Hand Habits, and LIDS. The three singles are part of the Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6, which continues Sub Pop’s incessant pandering to record collectors by way of limited-edition, subscription-only 7” vinyl singles. While the vinyl editions are only available to Singles Club subscribers – which you can become via the Sub Pop Mega Mart! – the music can now be heard on all digital music services. If you want the 7”s, hurry up and subscribe, as the 1,000 available subscriptions are nearly sold-out. Now that you’ve suffered through the sales pitch, here’s a bit about the artists!
Nairobi, Kenya’s Duma wowed us with their self-titled 2020 debut on Nyege Nyege Tapes. The duo – vocalist Martin Khanja (aka Lord Spike Heart) and producer/guitarist Sam Karugu - slams together metal, punk, industrial, and aggressive electronic music to blistering, boundary smashing effect. Their two songs, “Cannis” and “Mbukinya,” are a thrilling taste of Africa’s metal/experimental underground.
Hand Habits, the songwriting outlet of guitarist Meg Duffy, brings us two lovely new tracks: “motherless” and “no reply.” Lest the fact that we are releasing a Hand Habits record not make it clear, we at Sub Pop are huge fans of these specific songs, and Meg’s thoughtful, innovative, and all-around gorgeous music in general. Hand Habits’ next LP, produced by Sasami Ashworth, is out later this year on Saddle Creek.
LIDS is a new-ish band and veritable Canadian supergroup featuring Alex Edkins of METZ, Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck/Dusted, and Doug MacGregor of Constantines. Their single, “Furniture” b/w “Half Twin,” is LIDS’ second vinyl release (following the “Sarsfest” b/w “Blank Flag” single). The tracks make for a thoroughly engrossing 1-2 punch of melodic post-punk, with hints of Suicide and Television Personalities, and more than a hint of the rock-par-excellence LIDS’ members are known for.

Posted by Abbie Gobeli