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Sub Pop Founders Out On the Street – This Time For Good

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Yesterday, thanks entirely to our friends and fellow Seattleittes the Nordstrom family, Sub Pop co-founders, Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman, were immortalized on the streets of downtown Seattle (specifically these streets: 6th and Pine) on the Nordstrom Walk of Fame–the PNW version of the Hollywood Star Walk. Jonathan Poneman articulated his surprise at receiving the honor with a traditionally Sub Pop twist saying, “I never thought that anyone would foot the bill just to have us on the street”. Well, JP, Nordstrom proved that if you spend 26 years putting out great records by great artists, doing good on local and international levels, and maintaining an unflappable sense of self deprecation, your efforts will be rewarded with your very own sidewalk square–or, more accurately, a sidewalk square that you have to share with your partner, Bruce Pavitt–which is still pretty cool, I guess.

The unveiling of the Sub Pop Walk of Fame square was followed by a short yet characteristically great performance by The Helio Sequence in Nordstrom’s display window, which, if you haven’t been by there, is currently dedicated to yours truly (Sub Pop, not me personally). If you find yourself in downtown Seattle, stop by Nordstrom’s 6th and Pine window and play with the interactive Sub Pop display, it’s really cool. As always, we’re eternally grateful to the folks at Nordstrom for showing us (and the rest of the Seattle music world) so much love over the years.

Watch Pete Nordstrom, Jonathan Poneman, and Bruce Pavitt talk into a microphone about all of this business.

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THU, APR 5, 2012 at 9:47 AM

Dale Yarger Was One of the Very Good Ones


Today, The Stranger’s Mike Nipper posted a heartfelt, thoughtful and moving memorial for his friend Dale Yarger, who passed away a few weeks back. I can’t see how we can add much more to what Mike posted and you should read it. Dale will be greatly missed.

Among a great many other things, and one of the reasons it makes sense to post about this here, Dale designed the Sub Pop logo while working at The Rocket with Bruce Pavitt.

I will add one very small thing, though. I worked with Dale at Fantagraphics Books for a brief time sometime right around 1994. I won’t pretend that we were super close friends but we took the same bus home after work and I liked him a lot. From the start, he was always incredibly friendly and generous and just obviously a very good guy. This was maybe a small thing, but it seemed very big to me at the time. Still does. And, I am grateful. Thanks, Dale.

There is also a memorial page for Dale Yarger on Facebook.

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MON, FEB 5, 2007 at 9:43 AM



“Sub Pop: The new thing; the God thing; a mighty multinational entertainment conglomerate based in the Pacific Northwest”

This quote is printed along the spine of the compilation pictured above, Sub Pop 100_. The other day Sub Pop’s long-departed founder Bruce Pavitt came by and, with the help of Green River’sriver Mark Arm and the tremendously amiable and funny Tad, chatted us all up on the label’s beginnings. He brought some records with him to pass around, and Sub Pop 100 was one of them. It was really fun; grunge was pretty bitchen’.

Also of note around the HQ of our multinational entertainment conglomerate this month: the upcoming, February 6th, release of our first record with Sweden’s Loney, Dear! The record is called Loney, Noir, and it’s been aptly described as “soulful indie folk with a powerful mini orchestra.” If you’d like to read/learn more, there’s a Loney, Dear “Track Marks” feature on Idolator, a new Pitchfork review of the record, and a Stereogum piece on the video for the song I Am John. They were also the ‘Band of the Day’ for Feb. 6 on And, AND! If you order the record by February 6th, we will throw in, free of charge one copy of the UK import 7" single “The City, The Airport” b/w “Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl”! “Skiv-Slapp” means “Record Release” in Swedish! We think!

We faced some “challenges” in the production and assembly of the Loney, Noir record that you can read more about here, if you enjoy making fun of us as much as we seem to.

Also, welcome to the new website.

S>P: we love you.

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