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TUE, OCT 23, 2007 at 9:16 AM

Sub Pop Invents the “mp3”


R Buckminster Fuller once said, “I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I’ve invented,” and this would be wholly unremarkable but for the fact that Harry D. Hudson, Sub Pop’s Master of Technolo-something, said nearly this same thing to me about a new product that he is now prepared to offer for sale exclusively on this very website. What is this mysterious invention that will revolutionize the world as we know it? What ungodly creation has Dr. Hudson and the somewhat evil-seeming Professor Fletcher brought to life in their old-timey laboratory? They’re called mp3s! “Mp3” apparently stands for “music product 3”: a mysterious, invisible computer thingy which can be made to produce sounds not unlike music. It is just this sort of devotion to innovative, cutting edge technology that has made Sub Pop Records the unwitting industry leader it is today. Take that, everyone else—Sub Pop has invented the mp3! And now, we’d like to sell some of these things to you.

Since this program is in its infancy we have only a very limited number of mp3s available at this time, and we’re only offering full album downloads. We’re no dummies so we went ahead and mp3’d the big guns—all the Shins albums, the Postal Service, Flight of the Conchords, the new Band of Horses and new Iron and Wine albums are all available as downloadable zip files containing 192k mp3s and high quality cover art for $9.90 per album, except for the FOC ep which is a mere $5.94. We will be adding to this list just as soon as we’re able. This is the future—bask in its glory before someone steals our idea. Oh also, please email Dean at with questions, concerns, or failures.

Posted by Lacey Swain

WED, OCT 10, 2007 at 10:29 AM

Sub Pop at CMJ ‘07


On Saturday, October 20th, at the Bowery Ballroom in New York, we at Sub Pop will be celebrating the annual CMJ Music Marathon with a live musical performance! And, we’ve somehow convinced both The Brunettes and Band of Horses to take part! This already star-studded bill will also feature the considerable talents of Le Loup (courtesy of our friends over at Hardly Art) and the UK band Foals (courtesy of our far more geographically distant friends at Transgressive Records).

Here’s the line-up:

Saturday, October 20, 2007 at
The Bowery Ballroom – 6 Delancey Street
Doors at 7pm
8pm – someone going by the name of DJ
9pm – Le Loup
10pm – Foals
11pm – The Brunettes
12am – Band of Horses

Also! Playing on other days, at other times, and in some cases at other venues during this same CMJ Music Marathon, the incomparable No Age!

Like this:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
6pm – free in-store at Other Music
10pm – at The Bowery Ballroom (as part of the Windish Agency showcase)

Plus! Our friends at De Stijl are teaming up with Force Field PR and having a showcase from 2pm to 7pm at Cake Shop on Thursday, October 18th! Ed Askew will be playing!

Full details on the De Stijl show can be found here.

Posted by Chris Jacobs

MON, OCT 8, 2007 at 5:17 AM

Get a free Band of Horses song at Starbucks tomorrow (10/9)!


Last week Starbucks kicked off the Song of the Day promotion through which they’re giving away a free song download every day for 37 days at more than 10,000 of their stores. And, the Band of Horses song “No One’s Gonna Love You” will be featured as the “Song of the Day” on Tuesday, October 9th! That’s tomorrow!

So, tomorrow, October 9th, you can go into a Starbucks, get one of these “Song of the Day” cards and use the code on the back for a free iTunes download of “No One’s Gonna Love You.” They are giving away over a million of these things! Tomorrow (October 9th) is also, not at all coincidentally, the release date for the new Band of Horses’ album Cease to Begin, which we are not giving away for free and are in fact, in an adorably anachronistic sort of a way, attempting to sell for money.

To recap: Tomorrow, October 9th, go to Starbucks to get the Band of Horses “Song of the Day” free download card, and then buy their not-free-but-attractively-priced album Cease to Begin.

Posted by Chris Jacobs

THU, SEP 27, 2007 at 10:01 AM

Pandering to the Locals October ‘07


Alright, let’s get straight to the point here—Sub Pop is releasing Cease to Begin, the second long player from Band of Horses, on October 9th and we’d really like to sit around and shoot the shit but we’ve got a lot of work to do what with a) work and b) Halloween costume planning. We’re giving you TWO BUCKS OFF the low price through street date + sticker and button, and you also get free mp3s of the tracks if you buy the LP version. Check out all this crazy Band of Horses stuff here and watch an (old) video or two here. Keep your eyes peeled for the new video for “Is There a Ghost” coming everywhere very soon. (Yuck!)

The only other Sub Pop release for the month of October is a killer 7" from San Francisco’s Wooden Shjips featuring “Loose Lips” b/w “Start to Dreaming” out October 23rd. I asked Andrew Sullivan about it and here’s what he said, “It rules. They’re playing CMJ. They’re doing an Amoeba instore. All of the proceeds from the last one they self released went to Food Not Bombs SF. They have a full length out on Holy Mountain.” Seriously, they are awesome and only a foolish person would not buy this and you couldn’t possibly be foolish if you are reading this so click here to get it.

One more thing! We are also distributing a new De Stijl release this month—"Little Eyes by Ed Askew.": I’d be lying if I said I knew a lot about this, but after I came across his All Music Guide entry I didn’t feel so bad:” “An enigma even by the ultra-obscure standards of ESP-Disk Records, next to nothing is known about outsider folksinger Ed Askew.” Look at the De Stijl page for way more information. God, I feel uncool.

Alright, back to trying to figure out how to make a realistic looking buffalo wing costume. While I’m papier maicheing please enjoy these photos of Vice President Megan Jasper as Shrek, Online Sales Sam as a Sailor, GM Chris J as a wacky clown, and Tony K as a small wizard! Check back next week for even more photos because Dean is a party pooper and says that I make the internet too slow when I put them all up at once.

Posted by Lacey Swain

WED, SEP 26, 2007 at 8:08 AM

Go vote for Band of Horses!


The song Is There A Ghost from the new Band of Horses album Cease to Begin is a contender for Steve Lamacq’s Rebel Playlist on the UK’s BBC 6 Music this week! And you can vote for your favourite (note the extra “u” – that’s authentic Anglophilia!) of three tracks here (scroll to the bottom of the page) until midnight on Sunday, September 30th. The winner gets played every day on Steve’s 6 Music show next week.

We’re into it. You should get into it. Vote for Band of Horses now!

Posted by Chris Jacobs