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NEWS : FRI, JUN 19, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Fly the Middle Finger at Cancer: The Eddie Spaghetti Cancer Fight Fund

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Yesterday we learned that The Supersuckers’ Eddie Spaghetti has been diagnosed with stage 3 oropharynx cancer and will undergo surgery and radiation treatments this summer. Though it’s been a little while since we have worked together, we consider Eddie and The Supersuckers family, and today we’d like to encourage all of you to read more about all of this here, and then please consider donating to the fund that’s been set up to support his recovery.

Get well soon, Eddie.

Thanks, guys.

Support Eddie Spaghetti’s Cancer Fight!

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NEWS : WED, JUN 17, 2015 at 11:43 AM

No Fly List: Notes from Sub Pop’s Airport Store (June 2015)

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No Fly List: Notes from Sub Pop’s Airport Store, June 2015

The Sub Pop Airport Store: A World of Musical Discoveries

If you read the airport store sales clerk hiring post from last year, you’ll see that one of the primary qualifications for the job is “Knowledge of the Sub Pop catalog.” While the staff is comprised of diverse music fans with a deep appreciation for the label, let’s be real, not all of us can say we have listened to every single Sub Pop release from 1988 to today. But by working in the store, and playing lots of Sub Pop music, we are beginning to chip away at our blind-spots in the catalog and discover killer albums that are effectively ‘new-to-us.’ So, next time you’re in the store, we all might be listening to a record we’ve never heard before. Neat-o!

When I think about bands that I first heard at the Sub Pop store, I’m immediately drawn to Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires. Their Sub Pop debut, Dereconstructed, came out within the first month of the store opening, and one year later I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. It’s an insane, distorted, Southern punk rock record that only improves when I follow along with the lyric sheet. But in terms of an older band that I had heard of, but never listened to, it’s only since I’ve started working at the store that I’ve become familiar with the Murder City Devils. Preface: I moved to Seattle in 2007. Listening to a local institution like Murder City Devils (original run: 1996 to 2001) for the first time, in 2015, is like communing with ghosts from Seattle’s past that I never got a chance to experience first-hand. Raucous, alcohol-soaked, and bleary-eyed ghosts that get eroded by new condos every year. 

I could go on-and-on with these, but let’s see what my esteemed retail colleagues have to say about music that they’ve discovered after working at the airport store. (You’ll find all these selections, and more, in a Spotify playlist down below.)


Chad VanGaalen: My introduction to the institution that is Mr. VanGaalen was his most recent record, Shrink Dust, which I loved and listened to quite a bit since its release. Exploring the rest of his discography alerted me to the fact that he’s one of the best musicians around today; each of his 5 albums are varied in sound, excellent, and unmistakably his.”

(I can attest that Kane puts on at least one Chad VanGaalen album per shift. I have no problem with this whatsoever. –ed.)


The Ruby Suns are a band I’m thankful to have discovered through this job. Their album Sea Lion first caught my attention with its multicultural influence (see “Tane Mahuta” and “Kenya Dig It?”) and bright joyous gang vocals (“Oh Mojave”), but it’s the album Christopher that is the closest to my heart. Singer Ryan McPhun sounds more independent (and maybe a little lonely) on this record, and his melodic sensibility and tendency towards synthesizers create a stark contrast to Sea Lion, in a good way.”

(Christopher is the leading cause of impromptu dance party outbreaks in the store. –ed.)


“While cramming for my Sub Pop interview and combing through the roster, one name eluded me. Beach House. This was a band I was well aware of, yet I had never actually listened to them! WTF!? Maybe I had read a description somewhere and thought I was too much of a ‘rocker’ for this dreamy shit! In any case, I loaded up their video for ‘Wishes’ and was absolutely mesmerized! I instantly felt as though all of my hopes and dreams were within reach! (I was gonna get this job!) And I did!”

(The lesson here: Keep those horizons open or you might miss out on your next favorite band. Also, ignore music critics who overuse meaningless words like ‘dreamy.’  –ed.)


(Only the the most hardened soulless person can deny the emotional resonance of Sade + Beachwood Sparks. –ed.)


(Javier is new here. I think this means he’s gotten really into GOAT, so much so that part of his brain is permanently warped and he can now only communicate via Emoji. –ed.)

I didn’t get a hold of Audrey or Rachel for their submissions, (presumably they spend their days ‘working’ and don’t have time for my pestering emails) but from listening to their musical choices in the store, I’m pretty sure they’ve recently gotten into Shimmering Stars (reverb-heavy pop from Hardly Art in 2011) and Male Bonding (infectious and rollicking punk-rock, with 2 albums on Sub Pop), respectively. 


I would have written about the Obits (from which this blog gets its title), who captured my interest immediately with their updated punk-classic competing electric-guitar-enthusiast, layered rhythm twang-a-surf-a-billy-garage tone attack, thumpin’ bass, graphic design sensibility, and howlin’ vocals, but then they broke up (RIP Obits, may they rest in scattered pieces of newer, older bands). 

So, the time is now! Something new: Daughn Gibson, who I wasn’t very familiar with. The album: Carnation. It’s striking some chords I couldn’t place right away on the first few listens. A friend immediately told me he loved the album because it reminded him of Depeche Mode, and David Sylvian’s post-Japan music direction, to which I then remembered when I first heard the lead off track (Shatter You Through) I was reminded of The Cure somehow, production wise, I suppose? So, there is a definite 1980’s noir at the core of the album. 

Next, the guitar’s clanging desert-fried reverb’d bursts, and leave-you-hanging-lead, paired with the deep vocal croon, finally hit me.  I was subconsciously enjoying being reminded of Simon Bonney and Rowland S. Howard’s group, Crime and the City Solution, which I think thus far the online critical response has completely missed as a great recommendation point of reference. So, Carnation is evoking and reminding me of some great music from the past, while remaining interesting listen after listen. 

Also, I must mention that the backing band is great collision of minds, consisting of some major names in jazz, such as Matt Chamberlain from Bill Frisell’s Floratone (and much more) on drums, Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet’s very own Skerik on saxophone, the prolific Eyvind Kang’s haunting string arrangements and performance, not to mention Milky Burgess from Master Musicians of Bukkake (and Record Store Day extravaganza super-tribute-group: Koes Barat), as well as a dash of pedal steel by Jay Kardong (known for his work with Grand Archives, Sera Cahoone). This gives me the impression that the album was assembled from sessions similar to what produced Talk Talk’s final album; improvisation, to form structure through sculptured loops and overlays. I think this is the best yet I’ve heard from Daughn Gibson, and I hope he will continue to head in this direction with open-minded jazz and rock musicians to get at sounds decades lost, refreshed.”

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NEWS : TUE, JUN 16, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Listen to a new track from Strange Wilds - ‘Subjective Concepts’ out July 24th

We are happy to release Strange Wilds’ “Starved For,” the ferocious new single from Subjective Concepts, their full-length debut.

Noisey offers this on the band: “Strange Wilds is a punk trio out of Olympia, WA that throw down powerchords suited for any damn occasion you could need. On their upcoming record Subjective Concepts...the band delivers songs displaying flourishes of the best parts of the Northwest’s storied punk history without using nostalgia as a crutch. Their new track “Starved For” sounds exactly like what you’d want to be listening to if you lived inside of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a band on Sub Pop, heavy riffs that can still guile any “normal” person into falling in love with the band’s music. In a hair under three minutes the trio manages to create a broad soundscape that covers way more ground than you’d expect on paper (see track premiere June 16th)”.
Strange Wilds have a few scheduled live dates to share at this time: June 26th in Seattle, WA at Black Lodge; July 18th in Olympia, WA at Old School Pizza; and July 24th in Seattle at Capitol Hill Block Party. Additional tour dates will be announced soon.
Subjective Concepts will be available on CD/LP/DL worldwide on Friday July 24th from Sub Pop.  The album, featuring the highlights “Pronoia,” “Starved For,”  “Disdain,” and “Egophillia,” was produced by the band at Robert Lang Studios, mixed by Jackson Long at Hear Me Shimmer, and mastered at RFI, all located in Seattle, Washington. Subjective Concepts follows Strange Wilds’ Wet EP on Inimical Records (2014), and the “Standing”  7” single (2015), also available now from Sub Pop.

Preorders for Strange Wilds’ Subjective Concepts are now available from 
Sub Pop’s Mega MartAmazon, and iTunes and Bandcamp. All customers who pre-order the LP version of Subjective Concepts from will receive the limited Loser Edition on white vinyl, with a limited-edition poster. There will also be a new T-shirt design available individually and as part of a bundle with the new record.

About Strange Wilds:
Strange Wilds is a musical power-trio from Olympia, Washington.
There are three members: Allen, who plays drums; Sean, who plays bass; and Steven, who sings and plays the guitar. There is also a freight train, several buzzsaws, a banshee, and some heavy, heavy Pacific doom-and-gloom up in the mix.
The group formed in 2012, when Steven met Sean while Sean’s band from Boise was playing a gig in a house where Steven lived. They became friends, and several months later Steven called Sean, who had just relocated to Olympia for college, to form the band. They were called Wet, and gigged around the West Coast as a four-piece. Allen was added as a full-time member in 2014 after a line-up change, and the band changed its name to Strange Wilds to release a 4-song EP and tour immediately. Sub Pop came calling, and signed the band last fall. The band is now set to release its full-length debut, Subjective Concepts, this summer.
Strange Wilds slays with the hellish fury of the Northwest hardcore scene’s best, the heavenly scuzz of a Bleach-era Nirvana, and the purgatorial punishment of Touch & Go post-rock meets Devo’s de-evolution machine. The 11 songs here bleed with the hybrid DNA of Seattle’s past and future, disparate scenes fused together with sneering menace and intelligent fury in equal shares (read more at Sub Pop).

What People Are Saying About Strange Wilds:
“Toggles between a coiled-snake groove and the kind of full scream-along ferocity that makes you want to thrash around in a small, dark room with a bunch of sweaty strangers. This is noisy, heavy, grimy music, and it’s great.” [“Pronoia”] - Stereogum

“A sludged-out mess of hardcore that slam dances with the Seattle label’s past and it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see them on a tour run that’s stacked with Mogwai, METZ, or Pissed Jeans” [“Pronoia”]  - BLARE

Tour Dates

Jun. 26 - Seattle, WA - The Black Lodge
Jul. 18 - Olympia, WA - Old School Pizza
Jul. 24 - Seattle, WA - Capitol Hill Block Party


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NEWS : MON, JUN 15, 2015 at 6:00 AM

Watch Father John Misty’s “I Love You, Honeybear” Video

You can now watch the official video for Father John Misty’s “I Love You, Honeybear,” the title track from his acclaimed new album. Josh Tillman says of the new  visual: “Here’s the video for “I Love You, Honeybear” starring Brett Gelman and Susan Traylor.  It’s a portrayal of an average night in the lives of two EMTs.”

“I Love You, Honeybear” was written by Josh and Emma Tillman, and helmed by Josh and returning director Grant James (“This is Sally Hatchet” and “Funtimes in Babylon”).
Father John Misty has updated his 2015 tour schedule in support ofI Love You, Honeybear. The trek will resume June 24th at Glastonbury and currently ends November 21st-22nd in Mexico City, MX at Corona Capital Festival.
New festival updates include: Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party (July 26th), Boston Calling (September 26th), and San Francisco’s Treasure Island Festival (October 18th). Please find a complete list of tour dates below.
On a related note: Father John Misty will perform on CONAN July 15th!
Father John Misty’s I Love You Honeybear has earned the singer his highest chart position in the US to date, entering at #17 on theBillboard Top 200. In the UK, I Love You, Honeybear also entered at #14 on the UK sales charts. The album also peaked at #1 on the CMJ Top 200, spending 4 weeks on the chart.
Father John Misty’s I Love You, Honeybear is available now on CD / LP / 2xLP / Deluxe 2xLP in Europe from Bella Union and everywhere else from Sub Pop to purchase via Father John,  Sub Pop Mega MartiTunes, and Amazon.  

What people are saying about Father John Misty
“This warped, lovely album suggests that a true longtime partnership isn’t two people who love each other even for their flaws, but of two people accepting decay–their own and each other’s–and choosing to ride it out nonetheless.” - New York Times
“The artist born Josh Tillman aims for grandiosity in his Father John Misty disguise, and his second album for Sub Pop repeatedly reaches such heights. A musical genie bottle with the spirits of Phil Spector, Lee Hazlewood and Brian Wilson corked within, Tillman and co-producer Jonathan Wilson seem to revel in letting these sounds seep out and intermingle.” - Los Angeles Times
“His beloved Father John Misty debut was Fear Fun, issued in 2012. The new album, out now, is I Love You, Honeybear….and it is as good as, though quite different from, its predecessor.” - Wall Street Journal
I Love You, Honeybear, an album by turns passionate and disillusioned, tender and angry, so cynical it’s repulsive and so open hearted it hurts.” [8.8 / 10, “Best New Music”] - Pitchfork
“Upping the spectacle from Fear Fun his 2012 debut, I Love You, Honeybear is an autobiographical set about love, marriage and derangement that’s both ironic and empathic.” [4/5] - Rolling Stone
“If there’s a funnier, stranger and more touchingly bizarre album released this year, it will be a very good year indeed.” [4/5] -Billboard
“This is a gorgeous album.” [10/10] - Exclaim
“For all the layers of irony on I Love You, Honeybear, the biggest irony of all might be that such an ostensibly knotty and confusing album’s real strength lies in something as prosaic and transparent as its author’s ability to write a beautiful melody.” [5/5] - The Guardian
“Album of the Week” - Stereogum
Tour Dates
Jun. 24 - Glastonbury, UK - Glastonbury
Jun. 26 - Bexhill, UK -  De La Warr Pavilion
Jun. 27 - Killarney, IE - Killarney Food & Music Festival
Jul. 01 - Gdnya, PL - Open’er Festival
Jul. 02- Roskilde, DK - Roskilde
Jul. 02-05 - Barcelona, ES - Vida Music Festival
Jul. 18 - Pemberton, BC - Pemberton Music Festival
Jul. 19 - Colwood, BC - Rock the Shores
Jul. 23 - Salt Lake City, UT - Twilight Concert Series @ Pioneer Park
Jul. 24 - Calgary, AB - Calgary Folk Festival
Jul. 25 - Edmonton, AB - Interstellar Rodeo
Jul. 26 - Seattle, WA - Capitol Hill Block Party
Jul. 31 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza
Aug. 01 - Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom
Aug. 02 - Montreal, QC - Osheaga Festival
Aug. 03 - Portland, ME - State Theatre
Aug. 05 - New York, NY - Central Park Summerstage^^ [Sold Out]
Aug. 11-15 - Oslo, NO - Oya Festival
Aug. 13-15 - Gothenburg, SE - Way Out West
Aug. 14-15 - Haldern, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE - Haldern Pop Festival
Aug. 16 - Saint Malo, FR - La Route Du Rock Festival
Aug. 18 - Vienna, AT - The Full Hit of Summer Festival
Aug. 20 - Hasselt, BE - Pukkelpop Music Festival
Aug. 20-21 - Paredes de Coura, PT - Pauredes de Coura Festival
Aug. 21-23 - Biddinghuizen, NL - Lowlands Festival
Aug. 22-23 - Beacon, UK - Green Man Festival
Sep. 18 - Indianapolis, IN - Egyptian Room at Old National Centre #
Sep. 19 - Shakopee, MN - Festival Palomino
Sep. 20 - Madison, WI - Orpheum #
Sep. 21 - Covington, KY - Madison Theatre #
Sep. 23 - Columbus, OH - LC Pavillion **
Sep. 24 - Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak Music Theatre **
Sep. 25 - Rochester, NY - Anthology **
Sep. 26 - Boston, MA - Boston Calling
Sep. 28 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live **
Sep. 29 - Raleigh, NC - The Ritz **
Sep. 30 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre **
Oct. 01 - Birmingham, AL - Iron City **
Oct. 02-04 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
Oct. 05 - Tulsa, OK - Cain’s Ballroom #
Oct. 07 - St. Louis, MO - The Pageant #
Oct. 08 - Louisville, KY - Palace Theatre #
Oct. 09 - 11 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
Oct. 09 - Memphis, TN - Minglewood Hall #
Oct. 12 - Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre **
Oct. 15 - Las Vegas, NV - Pool at the Cosmopolitan **
Oct. 16 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern ** [Sold Out]
Oct. 17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern **
Oct. 18 - San Francisco, CA - Treasure Island Music Festival
Oct. 22 - Galway, IE - Roisin Dubh
Oct. 23 - Belfast, UK - Mandela Hall
Oct. 24 - Dublin, IE - Vicar Street
Oct. 26 - Sheffield, UK - Plug
Oct. 27 - Cambridge, UK - The Junction
Oct. 28 - London, UK - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire [Sold Out]
Oct. 29 - London, UK - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire [Sold Out]
Oct. 31 - Paris, FR - Pitchfork Music Festival
Nov. 01 - Bologna, IT - Locomotiv
Nov. 02 - Munich, DE - Strom
Nov. 03 - Weisbaden, DE - Schlachtof
Nov. 04-08 - Reykjavik, IS - Iceland Airwaves
Nov. 11 - Nantes, FR - Stereolux
Nov. 12 - Lyon, FR - Epicerie Moderne
Nov. 13 - Koln, DE - Luxor
Nov. 16 
- Copenhagen, DK - Vega
Nov. 21-22 - Mexico City, MX - Corona Capital Music Festival
** w/ Mikal Cronin
^^ w/ Angel Olsen
# w/ Tess & Dave

For information on presales/tickets visit

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NEWS : TUE, JUN 2, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Daughn Gibson’s ‘Carnation’ Out Now - Watch the New Video for “Daddy I Cut My Hair”

Daughn Gibson’s Carnation is available now on CD / LP / DL in North America from your friends in the music business, Sub Pop Records. Conveniently enough for fans and newcomers alike, a brand-new Daughn Gibson official video for “Daddy I Cut My Hair” is also available as of today and was directed by the talented Matt Amato

Carnation, featuring the highlights “Shatter You Through,” “Bled to Death,” “It Wants Everything,” and “Daddy I Cut My Hair,” was co-produced by Gibson and Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Tim Hecker), recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle, Washington and mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering.
The new album also features guest appearances from composer/violinist to Eyvind Kang (string arrangements), renowned studio drummer Matt Chamberlain, as well as Gibson’s long-standing musical conspirator, Jim Elkington. Additional contributions include: Steve Moore (Piano, Trombone, Keyboards and Synths); Milky Burgess, Paul Wegman, and Jer Rouse (Guitars); Skerik (Saxophone); and Jay Kardong (Pedal Steel). Carnation is the follow up to Me Moan,  Daughn Gibson’s Sub Pop debut.  
North American purchases of Carnation are available through Sub Pop Mega Mart, iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. Fans who purchase the album from us at our MegaMart store will receive the Loser Edition on white, black and blue swirl colored vinyl (while supplies last only).

What people are saying about Daughn Gibson:
“Singular and unsettlingly sophisticated.” [8/10] - Uncut

Carnation, with hindsight in its favor, gives Gibson the ability to keep on stretching his narratives, but it also wisely pomades some of his wildest hairs. The country urges are tamped down to the occasional guitar line and qualities of Gibson’s singing voice, giving the music a chance to open up to breezier vistas. These are mostly pitched between Tangerine Dream’s ’80s material and soundtracks, Sylvian/Japan, Danny Elfman and ’80s radio pop groups like a-ha, a mixture of influences and ideas that’s remarkably compelling when set against such visceral tales…Across all three records, and on this one in particular, there’s a reach of ambition that never gets mired in artifice or inconsistencies; this is surprising, complex music that deals with stories difficult to tell outside the printed page. Gibson leads listeners through them on the rumble seat, without so much as a lap belt or handhold to keep us steady.” [“First Listen”] - NPR Music
“Another weirdly fitting edition to Gibson’s sonic smorgasboard.” - Time Out London
Carnation hears Gibson veering away from his earlier country influences and embracing “ambient textures,” creating an elegant, dark, and cinematic collection of songs…In addition to delivering brooding beats and eerie soundscapes, Gibson uses his deep, theatrical style of singing to explore serious themes like mental health (“Daddy I Cut My Hair”) and masculinity (“A Rope Ain’t Enough”), as well as the simpler things in life, like the moment an alarm clock wakes you from the peace of sleep on lead single “Shatter You Through” - Exclaim! 
“Gibson finally sounds the part.” [4/5] - MOJO
“Its brisk metropolitan midnight pop accented by eerie violin and honky-tonk guitar and topped off with Gibson’s death bellow. He spins a story about being jarred from peaceful sleep into dreadful waking life; it’s as odd as anything he’s committed to tape, but it’s also his most instantly appealing single yet.” [“Shatter You Through”, Carnation] - Stereogum
“Quite possibly his catchiest work to date, the titillating track is marked by groovy bass, twangy guitar, and Gibson’s rich baritone.” [“Shatter You Through”, Carnation] - Consequence of Sound
“A brisk, impressive new track with swift strings, tinkling piano keys, and a quick-paced Gibson demonstrating a keen grasp on pop’s best offerings…The future is here and now, and it’s on repeat.”
[“Shatter You Through”, Carnation] - FLOOD

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