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The Return of Sub Pop’s Twenty’s Plenty Holiday Sale!


Dear Consumer-friend,

Our third annual, somewhat popular, Twenty’s Plenty holiday sale event and nuisance is happening again, from now until Monday, January 6th.

Here’s the deal:

During this sale, here at WWW.SUBPOP.COM, we are offering 20% OFF ALL PURCHASES OF $20 OR MORE! This is your chance to buy all kinds of junk from us, including whatever you might not already own by YOUR FAVORITE SUB POP ARTIST NAME HERE, at a real, appreciable discount.

Also: gifts! This is an excellent time to buy gifts from us!

Happy shopping!

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Sub Pop, Black Friday, and You


Sub Pop’s Small Bounty of Record Store Day Treasure

We are, once again, participating in the frenzied, let’s-get-our-economy-back-on-track holiday tradition known among vinyl collectors, music fanatics, and eBay flippers as Record Store Day’s Black Friday, for which we (and other record labels and artists) come up with very cool and very limited releases to be sold exclusively at independent record retailers.

On November 29th, Sub Pop (hey, that’s us) will release two limited-edition Black Friday exclusives: Josh Tillman’s score to the forthcoming short film The History of Caves, and a split 7” featuring Low’s popular rendition of Rihanna’s megahit “Stay” and Shearwater’s take on Frank Ocean’s “Novacane.” Please find track listing details for both releases below.

The History of Caves is the directorial debut of photographer and filmmaker Emma Elizabeth Tillman, and it will premiere later this year on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes. Josh Tillman’s (spoiler alert: he is Father John Misty!) haunting, spare instrumental score spans 10 tracks, all of which are featured on this limited-edition LP. The album is limited to 2,000 copies.

Labelmates Low and Shearwater each contribute what might be considered, in some circles, improbable covers of popular songs for this split 7” single. After performing a crowd-favorite live version of Rihanna’s “Stay” at the Pitchfork Music Festival this past July, Low recorded a studio version at Sacred Heart in Duluth, MN. Low’s version of the pop ballad has been available digitally since mid-September and follows in the wake of the band’s March 2013, Jeff Tweedy-produced album The Invisible Way. Shearwater’s new album Fellow Travelers is out November 26, 2013, and on it the band performs re-imagined songs by bands they have toured with over the years, including Folk Implosion, St. Vincent, Wye Oak, Xiu Xiu, and Coldplay among others. Unfettered by the operating principle of Fellow Travelers (and inviting future tour dates together) Shearwater recorded their own gauze-wrapped, undulating version of Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” for this single. Low’s proceeds will benefit Rock for Kids (, while Shearwater’s will benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center ( This 7” is limited to 3,500 copies.

Both releases will also be available digitally, so you MP3 purists can have yours, too.

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Ltd. Ed. 7” With Ruby Suns Pre-orders


2013 doesn’t really begin for us here at Sub Pop HQ until we release our first record of the year, and due to this anomaly (specific to us), this year officially commences on January 29th with the release of The Ruby Suns remarkable, genre-bending fourth record, Christopher. If you’re among the first 200 people to pre-order Christopher on CD or LP, you’ll receive a very limited-edition seven inch single featuring two remixes of “In Real Life” remixed by Signer’s Oil Change and Boycrush, respectively—also of the band The Ruby Suns. Speaking of limited-edition, we’re also giving the first 200 people who pre-order Christopher on vinyl LP the colored-vinyl, Loser Edition version of the LP—in this case, on blue vinyl. And of course stickers, we’re always giving you stickers.

Pre-order Christopher on CD or LP

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COMMERCE : TUE, NOV 13, 2012 at 7:12 AM

Mudhoney: Live in Berlin 1988 DVD


Mudhoney have a brand new DVD out today featuring an almost 25-year-old live performance from Berlin, Germany. As this post was being written, the author realized he was just beginning to plagiarize the press release from !K7 Records, the company almost entirely responsible for this DVD. So, in lieu of that literary infraction, he just cut+pasted the original press release following the next sentence.

Pick up a copy of Mudhoney: Live in Berlin

On November 13th, 2012, !K7 Records will release Mudhoney: Live In Berlin, 1988 on DVD. The footage, filmed by a professional camera crew at 1988’s Berlin Independent Days festival and only recently rediscovered, captures the Seattle Grunge pioneers’ first ever performance on foreign soil. Playing as representatives of Sub Pop Records to a crowd of curious punters, critics and members of Europe’s independent music community, the show was also the first Grunge gig in Europe, laying essential groundwork for the genre’s subsequent global domination.

Besides its historical importance, Mudhoney: Live In Berlin, 1988 presents one of the greatest rock’n’roll groups of all time at their very best, a glorious mess of flailed hair, acidic caterwaul, gnarly riffage and fried guitar skronk as Mudhoney tear through material from their epochal (but then-unreleased) Superfuzz Bigmuff EP and eponymous debut album.

Wild, thrilling, and funny-as-fuck, much like Mudhoney themselves, the performance captures an unguarded moment for the band, removed from the expectations and hyperbole that would later accompany the Grunge movement they unwittingly helped kick off. “We couldn’t understand quite why this was happening, why ours was the band that was flying out, or what was going on,” remembers Mudhoney vocalist and guitarist Mark Arm. “We’d only played Portland, outside of Seattle, at that point,” says Arm. “And to be flown out to Berlin to play a show, at that point, seemed almost like a joke to us.” Little did they know they know their off the cuff performance, enlightening and eye opening for the industry professionals in attendance, would have such long standing consequences in Rock ‘n’ Roll history.

A testament to the enduring vitality of the independent music scene, the release happens along side the 27th anniversary of !K7, a Berlin-based independent label and distributor with offices in New York and London, and an internationally renowned purveyor of electronic music in particular. In its early days, !K7 also served as a video production company run by label-owner Horst Weidenmueller, whose crew filmed a number of performances from that year’s Berlin Independent Days festival. Weidenmueller recently rediscovered the Mudhoney footage, realizing that he held in his hands a crucial rock ‘n’ roll document that had to be shared with the world.

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Sub Pop Tote Bags: Get One To Go (Tote Jokes!)


Back by popular-ish demand (popular among the staff here at Sub Pop HQ at least), we’ve got three, brand new, heavy-duty cotton tote bags available for just $12 each. These bags were designed with you, the record-buying people of this world in mind. Though they can fit any number of types dry goods, they were, at least a little bit, designed to fit a healthy handful of vinyl LPs very, very well. They’re available in three colors, get yours here.

Navy Blue


Red Domination

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Sub Pop Comedy Sale Going On Now!


We hope we’re not presuming too much here, but what with you being here now, reading this this thing that we wrote, it’s probably fair to say you are partial to the thing we do (if there’s any question, we release musical records (and t-shirts!)) But you may or may not also be aware that we are, on occasion, a comedy record label and are sometimes hilarious. Well, not us exactly, but at least a small handful of the artists we work with are professionally hilarious—you know, for their job (unlike the person authoring this blogpost). Specifically, Flight of the Conchords, Eugene Mirman, David Cross, and Patton Oswalt are hilarious. And right now, everything related to those very funny professional comedians that we sell is 30% off at! That means all CDs, LPs, DVDs, tapes, t-shirts, and perhaps more!

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