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Hear Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 8 Tracks From haha same and En Attendant Ana

Today, Thursday, February 22nd, marks the release of the brand new and final two contributions to Volume 8 of the Sub Pop Singles Club -  haha same’s “Guess What to Do” b/w “Calling It a Night” and En Attendant Ana “Magical Lies” / “Interlude” b/w “Teeny Tiny Tyche” – both available now on all DSPs and as limited-edition vinyl 7” singles.
Sometimes music seems to come from an undefinable source, appearing in your mind as though sent from a place outside of yourself. Other times it comes from your friend’s brain while you are sitting right next to them, and it still somehow feels like your own.
haha same, the new project from Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos and Cody Fitzgerald of Stolen Jars, is an effortless collaboration between friends. Filled with warmth, energy, and just a tinge of darkness, their singles “Guess What To Do” and “Calling It A Night” are a true mix of their distinct musical styles. Fitzgerald’s indie-pop production style marries perfectly with Kline’s particular lyrical sensibility, grasping for an understanding of the world at large by focusing in on the smallest moments. It all comes together to give haha same a sound all their own.
“A word that kept coming up when we talked about collaborating was ‘easy’,” says Kline of the songwriting process, “we bounced sonic ideas around and got excited about little details. Sometimes Cody would be laying down a part in the song and I’d be sitting on the floor with his dog Moon, writing lyrics. Then we kind of unfolded the stories behind the songs together, asking questions and clarifying the meanings behind each line.”
“Yeah exactly,” notes Fitzgerald, “over the course of a couple hours these songs felt like they had fallen out of our brains fully formed. At the end of the day, these songs are about extremely particular, but very relatable moments in life. So just like we did when we were writing them, we hope that everyone who listens to them will have that same moment of recognition and maybe even find themselves saying the words ‘haha same.’”
En Attendant Ana is a Paris-based indie pop band formed in 2014 and known for their jangly guitars, catchy hooks, layered melodies and poetic lyrics that gravitate around Margaux Bouchaudon’s vocals. They burst onto the international scene with their debut album Lost and Found on Chicago’s Trouble in Mind label, which led to a U.S. tour in 2018.
Their second album Juillet has a similar energy, but sees the band make an artistic shift from the lo-fi references of their debut to more sophisticated songwriting. Released just before the lock-down, the album was critically acclaimed but never got the chance to be fully presented live by the band, who are known for their raw, emotional, captivating, and honest live performances.

In 2023, En Attendant Ana (Margaux Bouchaudon, Camille Fréchou, Maxence Tomasso, Vincent Hivert et Adrien Pollin) returned with a third album entitled Principia, widely considered their best work to date, which saw them travel the world on an impressive world tour. The album, said to nod to ’90s British indie, jazz, Krautrock and French pop, has been very well received, both by the media, who have placed Principia on numerous year-end lists (here’s TIME…), and by the band’s ever-growing audience. Here at Sub Pop we’re altogether crazy about them.
En Attendant Ana’s UK tour schedule for 2024 begins Tuesday, April 2nd in Kalsruhe, DE at Kohl, and runs through June 14th in Southend, UK at Twenty-One Arts. A full list of dates are below.
Tue. Apr. 02 - Kalsruhe, DE - Kohl
Wed. Apr. 03 - Stuttgart, DE - Merlin
Thu. Apr. 04 - Nuremberg, DE - Soft Spot
Fri. Apr. 05 - Berlin, DE - Schokoladen
Sat. Apr. 06 - Hannover, DE - Feinkost Lampe
Sun. Apr. 07 - Hambourg, DE - Nachtasyl
Mon. Apr. 09 - Amsterdam, NL - Toekomstmuziek
Wed. Apr. 11 - Liège, BE - Kultura
Fri. May 17 - Brighton, UK - The Great Escape (One Church)
Sat. May 18 - Brighton, UK - The Great Escape (Patterns)
Sun. May 19 - Coventry, UK -Just Dropped In Records
Mon. May 20 - Newcastle, UK - Cumberland Arms
Tue. May 21 - Hull, UK - Polar Bear Music Club
Wed. May 22 - Glasgow, UK - Mono
Thu. May 23 - Liverpool, UK - Kazimier Stockroom
Fri. May 24 - London, UK - Dot to Dot Party (Oslo)
Sat. May 25 - Bristol, UK - Dot to Dot festival
Sun. May 26 - Nottingham, UK - Dot to Dot festival
Fri. Jun. 14 - Southend, UK - Twenty-One Arts

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Computer users: fear not! You will also get digital downloads of the tracks through your Sub Pop Mega Mart account. Hear music from the series via the Singles Club playlist, and subscribe here.

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